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KIDS- do you have any (or want them)?

How many kids do you have or do you want kids?  

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  1. 1. How many kids do you have or do you want kids?

    • No kids for me ( I enjoy sanity & money)
    • 1 kid (and thats enough)
    • 2 kids (ringy dingy ding-a-ling dingside seats!)
    • 3-4 kids (I love Zoos!)
    • 5+ kids (HELP!! I can't keep it in my pants!!!)

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Never had any, never wanted any. Neither did Mary. One of the many reasons I married her. As I've said many times, if you have cats and want to go away for the weekend, you can put down a bowl of food and water, and have a good time. If you have kids, and you do the same thing, guys from the government come to your house and yell at you. Who needs that?!?



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I'd like 1 or 2, but not gonna start for about another 5 years or so. There's too many coasters, electronics, and cars I want to buy first, as well as a bigger and better home before I settle down like that. Trying sure is fun though!

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^^ watch out ELB!


You are aware that you have a beautiful daughter.


No doubt, you have to keep those evil boys (Pursuing her) at bay!


I myself, hope to eventually have a couple of daughters (I only had brothers growing up)


Though once my daughters reach their teenage years, I'm sure that trouble will ensue!


Down with those worthless boys!!!

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NOPE!! I actually dont want to have any children at all whatsoever! Dave I am with you on this one!!!!

I would go bald at an earlier age if I had children.... wait a minute I pretty much am close to being bald anyways with my shaved head...so I guess I can scratch that!!!

Ummmmm it would take several years off my life if I had children.....Yahhh that's it!!!! I want to live long!!

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I want 2-3. My girlfriend wants about the same, and twins run in her family so we could easily get more than we planned. My mom wants me to have 9 grandkids (hey she should have thought of that after stopping at one!) and she says "but just think how much fun you would have getting 9 kids" as incentive.


Not for at least 6 years though. I need to have a full-time job first.

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Technically I have a kid. My fiancee had a kid from her previous marriage. I love him as if he were my own. Hes a crazy little guy, he will go on any ride he is tall enough for.


I want to have 2 kids of my own, but I only realistically see us having one child. Unfortunately, no kids anytime soon.

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