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How many bones have you broken?


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^What do you mean NOT one I'd share? I have close to no sense of shame, so that would be the first one I'd share. And you can still see the graphite residue, so I guess the experience was akin to what I would guess going to a super shady tattoo parlor would be.

Whoops. I don't know you, so I just assumed it would be an embarrassing story.


Since we're talking about other weird non-broken-bone stories...


When I was 16 my friends and I used to like filming homemade movies. We were filming this "horror" movie called "The Stalker Movie" about an unknown stalker that is killing us off one-by-one. We were in the 2nd-to-last scene where I'm the only one left and the stalker catches up to me in the woods and kills me. We were using a real knife and someone (probably me) decided we needed to take the cover off. Then the stabbing part looked too unrealistic, so my friend suggested she'd stab the knife into the ground and it would look more realistic.

Well I'm sure by now you know what's coming... our plan didn't work, and my friend actually stabbed me. I remember it felt like she punched my arm, and I was about to say, "I guess let's do another take..." when I heard her saying, "Oh my God, oh my God, I stabbed you! Oh my God!" And I look down and sure enough, there was a stab wound in my arm near my elbow. We were up in the forest and I knew we had to at least walk back down, and I didn't know how bad the wound was, so I just clamped my hand down over my elbow and went down the mountain.


I ended up having to have stitches inside and out, but it could have been a lot worse than it was. My friend immediately deleted the scene the actual stabbing, and for a while we lied about how I really got hurt. Now, just really wish she hadn't recorded over the scene, because it would make an epic Youtube video! I thought the whole thing was really funny, but my friend was traumatized. She said she could feel the knife going into my arm and stop when it hit my bone. She wouldn't touch any knives for a long long time.

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1 - Broke my collarbone falling off the sofa whilst spinning around on it! (aged about 6 or 7)

2 - Broke collarbone again, falling of my bike (a couple of years later)

3 - Broke thumb tripping up on way back from football match - aged 25ish

4 - Broke arm tripping walking to work! (about 30ish)


I'd laugh if those knocking on wood as they haven't broken any bones yet, knocked to hard and broke a finger or two!!

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When I was younger I was skateboarding around the side of the house and as I was going though the side door I had my hand on the door frame and the wind blew the door shut on my hand and I broke/ripped one of my fingers off.


In 2005 I was snowboarding for the first time that season and for the first time on my new board and caught my heel edge while going super fast and broke my right arm/wrist.


Then another pencil story. On the first day of 2nd grade I somehow stabbed myself with a pencil in the palm of my right hand and the tip of the pencil broke off in my hand. It's still there.

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Fractured one of my ribs in a bus accident, some idiot lady cut in front of the bus, the driver had to slam on the brakes real hard, and I was literally thrown chest first into the metal bar near the cash box, ouch. I fractured my kneecap two years later, while I was walking to work. I only live a mile away, and I was trying to get some exercise. Walked too fast, tripped on a pothole in the street, and went down hard into the pavement. Actually, the broken ribs were worse than the fractured knee, because I couldn't sleep, the pain was so intense. Both of these incidents happened within the past five years. Before that, I never broke a single bone in my entire body.

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What are you doing to break your wrists?


The first time I was going out the door and my pants leg got stuck in it. I then proceeded to break my right arm. The next time I was swinging on a swing set, and jumped off. I broke my right wrist again. Another time I was running around a ball field, and ran into the concession stand and fell to the ground. I broke my left wrist then, and being the hand I write with, it was not easy. When I sprained my arm I was roller skating in a rink when I fell on my butt. The doctors told me I had sprained my left arm. And finally the most recent. I was climbing on a tree when I flipped all the way over and broke my left humerus plus dislocated my shoulder. The one really hurt.

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Wow, a lot of people here have broken a ton of stuff.


I think I might have broken my toe once on the metal track to a sliding glass door. I never got it x-rayed, doctor said it was pointless because the toe still looked straight and all they would be able to do is to strap it to my big toe to minimise movement. I lost my toenail and when it grew back it did so in two pieces.


A decade plus later the toenail is whole again, but there is still a white line in it where the split used to be.


A guy I met in college has the current record for most bones broken of anyone I met. He was in an ancient roman history class I took and at the time was in a cast becasue he had just shattered his ankle in a spiral fracture when playing rugby (he was tackled and spun 360 degrees with his foot remaining in the same position ) From Rugby and Football (aka Soccer, he was from Scotland) he had broken at least ten different bones. The worst he said he broke was when he was playing football and fell, hitting his chin on a sprinkler head. He bit though his tongue and broke his jaw. After healing from that he said he couldn't speak the same as he did before and actually lost some of his accent, this last fact was a sore point because he said he used to have the thickest accent of his entire family and was proud of it.


Strange dude. He could describe every broken bone he had in detail and would do so at the slightest provocation.The type of person who treats their own scars as if they were medals.

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I've never broken or sprained anything before , and I'm glad.


Same. Hope I never do either.



Yeah, I'm glad I've never broken or sprained anything. One of my friends broke his leg every year starting from 5th grade when the same way every year- falling in the stairs. In 8th grade, he actually broke it in the stairs at school from slipping on a candy bar .

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