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The Youtube Thread


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This is a short "film" I made about a year ago. It's not very good.



But I finally got around to making a better one, which is about 20 minutes.


But the only way I can actually show people and upload it is if I become a partner, which is seriously never going to happen. Well, I need to start somewhere, so...if you have a YouTube account, just subscribe please. Maybe one of these days I can actually upload some longer videos. But I just need to find a way to spread my channel around.

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I had to laugh about this movie teaser. Everything about this movie is wrong, especially the special effects... and the fact that the "secret weapon" to fight the shark can be found on the site where I sell my 3D characters:




So when I say some of the special effects cost $10, I'm not lying.


The guy that made the tank said he didn't know whether he should be flattered or appauled.


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Found this on Yahoo. It's a 2000' long Hot Wheels track. To compare that, it's longer than:

Schwartzkopf Shuttle Loops

Vekoma Boomerangs

Wooden Warrior


Stealth (Thorpe Park)

Sierra Sidewinder


and a whole bunch of other coasters under 2000' that are escaping my train of thought.

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