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  1. urrrr ... thats a tough one nazi zombies I guess C.O.D or Battlefield?
  2. The 'Thorpe Park Inversion' , I mean seriously WTF.Arrogance
  3. Unfortunately I am currently back at school so i'm going next weekend , should be fine , don't mind too much wait . I would just skip out SAW but the guys I am going with will be desperate to ride it.Last time I didn't go on SAW because of 3 hour ques but I guess it was pretty new then.
  4. I saw the Inbetweeners movie aswell , twice.Once on release date and then saw it a week later.t was great !!!!
  5. Damn we posted at the same time. Messi or Ronalado ?
  6. 12/20 on Europe 5/20 on US/Canada 7/20 on Rest of World Not sure what happened on US/Canada
  7. European History Facebook or Twitter ?
  8. Complete Circuit Intimidator 305 or Millenium Force ?
  9. Facebook chat Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie
  10. come to think of it. A couple of years ago I went on a School trip to Thorpe Park , to make it 'Educational' , I had a maths seminar there but all it was , was a guy talking about risk factors of things going wrong and the costs of SAW.He mentioned something about a height limit that would expire some time.I think he said 2013 but I'm not sure (Don't take my word on that).I think Jason may be right.
  11. I watched Battle:Los Angeles today.Wasn't very good
  12. Yes,that would have been truely amazing.I could actually ride an amazing coaster without dreaming of going to America to do it.
  13. Nice park , like the way you have also based in a real plot of land.Maybe I will get out my copy of RCT3 and do a park somewhere around my village (Also in South England)
  14. Warm Pool Thorpe Park or Alton Towers
  15. HaHa Yep our humour is the best , Check out The Inbetweeners , its very very different but still British Humour.
  16. The Screaming girl if shes hot Pepsi or coca cola ?
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