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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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Port Aventura has just released the "Non-Stop FastPass". This pass allows users to repeat rides in the same seat as much as they want, you don't even need to stand up. This pass will cost 59€ (around 70-75$) plus the entrance.

I think this new option it's too complicated and will get attendants crazy. Some PA Fans are talking about organizing a Sahmbala marathon: get 60 people with this pass and ride it all day long, just to show PA how problematic this pass could be, for queuing, other fastpass users (PA promise them no more than 15 mins waits) and, overall, workers.


What's your opinion on this new option?? How would it affect to FastPass holders? (PA is actually offering around 6 different FastPasses!)


Unfotunately, I can give more info on this pass, as PA webpage security certificate is apparently no working in my computer.


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The park, as usual when it comes to new additions, refuses to give details about the 2014 attraction.


However, last weekend there was a Theme Park Enthusiasts convention held by the park. Among the different presentations, there was one done by a Mack representative. The Mack guy showed a new concept that they are developing, although he didn't mention if any park had planned on building a prototype yet. It's a cross between a Splash battle/water coaster/white water raftings rapids ride with different ride profiles. It could be just a coincidence...


Here are some pictures of the presentation held by Mack:






Sources: PAFans and ThemeParkZone

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Thank you Oriolat, I would have loved to go to the theme park convention that was held at PortAventura whenever it took place, I saw plenty of photos from it on Facebook the other day.


I would have been going back to PortAventura next summer anyway, but a new attraction is always a bonus.

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This past saturday was PortAventura's 1st National Theme Park Fans Workshop in Spain, and there was interesting talks from Luis Valencia (from a single idea to an attraction construction / PortAventura) and Maximilian Roeser (Attractions in the 21st century / Mack Rides)


As the first talk was in spanish, here is the video of the second talk.


"Attractions in the 21st century"






A new render about Arthur and the Minimoys for Europa Park.



Also, mr. Roeser presented a prototype/concept of a new water ride, rafting style. Some specs of this new ride:

- Wild water ride within safe boundaries

- Include rollercoaster sections

- Steep drops

- Lateral movement

- Invisible guidance of the vehicles




Unfortunately, no officially information (confirm or deny) about the existing rumours of the new ride for 2014 was given, so ... who knows ...

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Port Aventura invest 70 million to build a new 'superatracción'


Investindustrial's CEO, Carlo Umberto Bonomi, has reinforced its commitment to the Port Aventura theme park and aims to become the industry benchmark in Europe. After completing the 2010-2013 investment plan, which involved investment of 80 million euros in four years, Investindustrial has approved a new plan cuatrieneal (2014-2017) for the park worth another 70 million.


The new investment objective is to consolidate the position of Port Aventura as the first park in Europe for its spectacular attractions, a condition that attracts many foreign visitors. If during the previous plan star investment was the construction of the tallest roller coaster in Europe (Shambhala, which has a fall of 80 meters), now intends to repeat the success with a new superatracción also leads the industry in Europe.


In fact, the direction of Port Aventura has already started construction of the new facility, which will take much of the 70 million of new investment plan. The machines are already working on the grounds that the park is still unoccupied by Shambala, in the south of the site.


The objective of Port Aventura is that the new attraction is ready for the start of the new season, in April 2014, so the work has been accelerated. A park spokeswoman confirmed the construction of the new attraction, but declined to reveal the features of it.


However, unofficial sources indicate that Investindustrial has decided to build a new water attraction might even give rise to a new thematic area within the enclosure (now divided into five: Polynesia, China, Mexico, Western and Mediterranean). According to some sources, it is a watercoaster (a roller coaster that combines stretches of water to dry) and will also become the highest in Europe (the highest installation of this style is in the Brazilian park mirabilandia and has a height of 60 meters).


An avalanche of Russians


Investindustrial entered the shareholding of more profitable theme park in Spain in September 2009 through a capital increase by 94.8 million which now controls 50 percent of the shares. For three years, the Italian group ownership shared with La Caixa (which held the other 50 percent), but in November 2012 agreed with box Bonomi buying this package for 105 million and took over one hundred per cent of capital.


In 2012, 3.8 million people visited PortAventura. Of this figure, 35 percent of visitors already belonged to international markets, up 21 percent compared to the previous season. France is the first international market for Port Aventura and represents about 45 percent of total international visits. Russia is the second international market and accounts for over 25 percent of international visitors. Russian is the fastest growing market in recent years, an increase of visits in 2012 to 75 percent over the previous year, exceeded 300,000 visits.


The goal for the coming years is to grow the number of visitors to 5 million and get half are international.












Article : http://www.eleconomista.es/catalunya/noticias/5161014/09/13/Port-Aventura-invertira-70-millones-y-construira-una-nueva-superatraccion-.html

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It looks like some kind of "controlled" white water raft ride, to me.


EDIT to add - of the two side by side photos of the two rafts, the one

on the right, looks like the raft going over the falls? Possible coaster

track underneath? So you just see the falls, and so on.

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