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  1. A few pics of Angkor opening event! Most evil element in a splash battle! Surprise! ... and the evil element in action Definitely is one of the best splash battle rides! Ride time is about 7~8 min, theming is a great addition, there is a lot of fun fighting with other boats, and it's also a great way of cooling in the hot summer days!
  2. There is new information from Pafans about this (spanish) http://www.pafans.com/actualidad/2014/portaventura-tendra-un-nuevo-parque-y-un-hotel-de-ferrari-en-2016-90438/ Translated: the park will be located in what is now the south parking of the park. The size will be similar of Costa Caribe Aquatic Park. Ferrari's worlds first themed hotel. A luxury 5* hotel with 250 rooms, restaurants, shops, and with big areas of racing cars simulators. The new hotel will be located in an area between Hotel Caribe and PortAventura's Convention Centre, near to the road who gives access to
  3. Get ready for a BIG NEW! Port Aventura invest 100 million in a new Ferrari theme park Text is automaticly translated from here (source) - http://ccaa.elpais.com/ccaa/2014/03/13/catalunya/1394711022_331793.html Additional information from Pafans (spanish source) http://www.pafans.com/actualidad/2014/portaventura-tendra-un-nuevo-parque-y-un-hotel-de-ferrari-en-2016-90438/ Additional artworks from PortAventura (via ParquePlaza):
  4. ^ Indeed. IMO the park would need to allow fast-pass only in the most restrictive option, or otherwise this queue system will decrease strongly capacity of the ride! BTW I updated the post to add 16 additional photos!
  5. This one is 726 pph. This is near to Hurakan Condor ride capacity, except that Angkor is a familiar ride. The ride have 14 boats (8 seats).
  6. Yesterday, different media we're invited to discover the construction and status of the new ride. Here are a few of my own photos (through Channel Parks) More photos found in PAFANS Source: - http://www.channelparks.com/noticias/asi-van-las-obras-de-angkor-aventura-en-el-reino-perdido-de-portaventura/ - http://www.pafans.com/actualidad/2014/visitamos-las-obras-de-construccion-d
  7. Two important news for today! - Bonomi family sells 49,9% of PortAventura to KKR - Cirque du Soleil show KOOZA will be performed in PortAventura for summer 2014 for july and august (with the aim to keep a permanent CDS show in the future) Official info in spanish about KOOZA in PortAventura: http://www.portaventura.es/cirque_du_soleil Official info in english about KOOZA in PortAventura: http://www.portaventura.co.uk/cirque_du_soleil Here are some sources of the news (in spanish) about Investidustrial selling 49,9% to KKR - http://www.lavanguardia.com/economia/2013
  8. This past saturday was PortAventura's 1st National Theme Park Fans Workshop in Spain, and there was interesting talks from Luis Valencia (from a single idea to an attraction construction / PortAventura) and Maximilian Roeser (Attractions in the 21st century / Mack Rides) As the first talk was in spanish, here is the video of the second talk. "Attractions in the 21st century" Q&A A new render about Arthur and the Minimoys for Europa Park. Also, mr. Roeser presented a prototype/concept of a new water ride, rafting style. Some specs of this new ride:
  9. Rules are explained once you reach the top of the building and before riding King Khajuna, but there is always some people that may refuse to follow or just feel scary enough to forget them in middle of the drop! PortAventura started their "White Night" event for summer, some days the park will close at 4 am, with extra time to enjoy rides, more shows and additional fun with special street acts (live orchestra music, flamenco, foam party, dj's and so on ...). Here is a little video I recorded of the first White Night in may. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av7b5qtNUVk White
  10. PortAventura told that they're still working in the design of some theming elements that would be added gradually
  11. Today Costa Caribe Aquatic Park opened. King Khajuna is now Europe's highest free fall slide. Here are some photos of the media event from pafans.com. Comding soon more photos / video First riders!
  12. Some new pics from inside Costa Caribe Aquatic Park (not official from the park but allowed) thanks to PortAventura World Source: PortAventura World
  13. More pics from inside the park Sources: and Edit: new official construction video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuaIHlED_J8 Edit 2: timelapse
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