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What Type of Rollercoaster Has the Most Airtime?

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Funny to think Racer has four lift chains too (the large pseudo-parabolic hill is slightly too high and has chains fitted to pull over the trains on occasion, atleast that's evident from any photos I've seen of the hill - a dead giveaway to someone yet to visit PKI is the chain return channels)!


From personal experience (and something that has become a personal bias!) - older woodies give the best airtime, via circular hills. That's a strict single radius over the top, no hint of nasty parabola. John Miller knew best..!

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Racer still had a good deal of air when I rode it a few years ago. It's been my second or third favorite coaster at PKI ever since they castrated Beast in 2002...


Ghostrider back in the day, Magnum, or Gemini are probably the most air-filled coasters I've ridden.

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those aren't chain lifts they are anti-rollbacks, i think?

As far as I know, it's both (why else would there be chain return channels corresponding perfectly with the anti-rollback rack? - CI's Thunderbolt had a second chain too, up onto the double-dip hill, but that's never mentioned).


Now, who's for more circular hill propaganda ? - Magnum has some of the world's best airtime, yet all the hills are circular, apart from the first drop apex, which is a parabolic style multi-radius job. Wasn't that fun.

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Phoenix at Knoebels is fun out of control not too rough airtime, much different than Nitro smooth as glass airtime. Although I do remember Lightning Loops (Arrow shuttle) at SFGADV having crazy air you could never prepare yourself for. The flat launch into the drop would just put your stomach in your throat.

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Morgan/Arrow hyper named Phantom's Revenge. Enough said.

You really need to get to more parks if Phantom Revenge is your ride with the most ammount of air time. Sure it has a lot, but I can't imagine it matching some of Intamin's Air Time Machines!

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