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Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

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Alright folks, name your favorite alcoholic beverage here.


I may only be 20, but I am in college. Therefore, I drink.


I would have to say my favorite shot is a Cosmo: Cranberry Juice and Vodka.


Sounds kind of weak, I know, but after 15 shots youll feel nice and floaty!


Any beverage is okay, beer, rum, vodka, mixed drinks.


Its all gravy and potatoes!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Im allowed 2 drink here, So its ok! Lol


I Love cosmos 2,


but I drink alot of alco-pops (So bad I know) Purely because they are only £1.50 when I go out!


My fave spirits are Malibu, Bacardi and I will drink Vodka if necessary lol! I like shotting Apple Sours as well!

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... my favorite shot is a Cosmo: Cranberry Juice and Vodka.


It's also called a Cape Cod, I believe? In drink/cocktail form. I discovered those in Key West back in spring of '87. Then continued drinking thru several of them, at bars in New Orleans during (then) Mardi Gras.




I also enjoy a good dark rum and coke. Navy Rum. Arrrrrrrrmmm.

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Between Beer, Champagne (pronounced Sham- pag - nay) and wine, i like wine. But I wouldn't know because its not like I really drink, occassionally my parents will say I can have a small glass if I want, and then if I feel like it, I will.

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I haven't had many mixed drinks. I think I've only had margaritas, wich are good. Actualy I take that back. On my 18th birthday I had a bunch of other kinds, but I don't remeber what they were. I did put a shot of tequila in a frozen lemonade thing, that was pretty good.


Other than that I've had beer, champagne, wine, vodka, tequila, and sake. I'd say that I like beer the best. Although I do like champagne. And Shmirnoff's apple vodka is pretty good too.

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A Maragrita on the rocks with sugar on the rim is usually what I order when I go out. But if it's not busyand I can get a custom drink, my very favorite drink is a combo of Blue Curacao, Amaretto and Midori with sour and Sprite. It's bright blue, and called a Sweet Tart some places (because that's what it tastes like!) but 8Trax at WDW calls it a Leisure Suit.

I also have an affinity for Smirnoff Twisted Green Apple.

And my favorite wine is Kendall Jackson Reisling.



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I really like a good beer or wine, but my secret favorites are cocktails. Yeah, I love a good cocktail! My top 3 are "Sex on the Beach"... umm, I mean the cocktail. Although, I never had Sex on the beach before, I think that must be a nice place to have Sex. However, we have little kids here, back to my top 3: 1. Sex on the Beach 2. Caipirinha 3. Planter's Punch!



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