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My apologies, I did not realize this thread had not been released yet.


Just like we did for 2011 - 2019 this thread will serve as a place to house a list of "what's new" for 2020 at major parks and links to the announcements. We encourage you to notify us of any new rides/coasters by posting in this thread.


Discussions about individual rides and parks should continue in the appropriate discussion thread through the links in this thread.


If you think we missed anything let me know and I'll add all verifiable attractions.


Rumors will not be included. We also don't plan to list every random out of the way upcoming attraction, so outside of major announcements this is limited to parks TPR has covered (or will likely cover in the future) in the Park Index.



New Parks for 2020


Legoland New York (Goshen, New York) (2 family coasters)

20th Century Fox World (Gentings Highlands, Malaysia)

Gulliver's Valley Resort (Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom)

Dream Island (Moscow, Russia)

Chengdu Wanda City (Chengdu, China)

Happy Valley (Jiangsu, China)

Taihu Lake Longemont Paradise (Changxing, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China)

World Fairytale Land (Danzhou, Hainan, China)


New rides/attractions for 2020




Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Pantheon

Busch Gardens Tampa - Iron Gwazi

Canada's Wonderland - Mountain Bay Cliffs (waterpark atraction) and Beagle Brigade Airfield (Planet Snoopy)

Carowinds - Boogie Board Racer (water park addition)

Cedar Point - Snake River Expedition

Denos Wonder Wheel Park - Skyflyer

Disney's California Adventure - Avengers Campus

Dollywood - Food and Flower Festival

Dorney Park - Seaside Splashworks (waterpake structure)

Edaville - Kersplash

Frontier City - Wahoo Racer (waterpark)

Great Escape - Adirondack Outlaw

Hersheypark -Candymonium

Holiday World - Cheetah Chase water slides'

iPlayAmerica - Crazy Cabs (SBF Visa spinning flat ride)

Jolly Roger Amusement Park - Jolly Roger Amusement Park- SBF/Visa “Drop N’ Twist Tower” ride along with a Mini Dance Party 360 ride

Kings Dominion - Coconut Shores (waterpark)

Kings Island - Orion

Knoebels - Wisdom Tornado

Knotts Berry Farm - Knott's Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair (darkride)

Lakeside - Pinfari Galaxi

Lake Compounce - Venus Vortex (water park addition)

La Ronde - Vipere (Intamin Zac Spin)

Legoland Florida - Pirate Island Hotel to open

LunaPark - Zamperla Figure 8, Log Flume and ropes course

Michigans Adventure - Camp Snoopy

Oaks Park - Zamperla Discovery Revolution

Quassy - Tidal Wave (SBF/Visa swinging ship)

Sea World Orlando - IceBreaker (Premier Sky Rocket)

Sea World San Antonio - Texas Stingray (GCI woodie)

Sea World San Diego - Emperor (B&M Dive coaster)

Silver Dollar City -Mystic River Falls

Silverwood - Light Up The Night (nighttime laser light show with drones)

Six Flags America - Harley Quinn Spinsanity

Six Flags Darien Lake - Wahoo Wave (water park)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Sidewinder Safari ( Zamperla Mouse)

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Daredevil Dive Flying Machines (Zamperla Air Race)

Six Flags over Georgia - Catwoman Whip (Zamperla Endeavour) and Poison Ivy Twister (Scrambler)

Six Flags Great America - Tsunami Surge (water park water coaster)

Six Flags Great Adventure -Jersey Devil Coaster (RMC)

Six Flags Mexico - CraZanity

Six Flags New England - Supergirl Sky Flyer (Zamperla Endeavour)

Six Flags St. Louis - Catwoman Whip

Six Flags over Texas - Aquaman: Power Wave

Storybook Land - Cinderoller Coaster

Universal Studios Orlando - Bourne Stuntacular

Waldameer - Whirlwind (SBF spinner)

WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios - Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

WDW Epcot - Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Wild Waves - Shark Frenzy - themed tilt-a-whirl

Worlds of Fun - Riptide Raceway (waterpark addition)



Adventure Island - Turbulence (Zierer Star Shape)

Alton Towers - The World of David Williams to replace Cloud Cuckoo Land includes Gangsta Granny: The Ride

Chessington World of Adventure - Drop Tower

Efteling - Max and Moritz (powered Mack)

Energylandia - Abyssus (Vekoma launched) also Vekoma Mine Train

Farup Sommerland - Saven (Vekoma family Boomerang)

Flamingoland - 10 inversion coaster

Furuvik - Drachen (Zierer Force One)

Hansa Park - Awilda'sWorld (two family rides Awilda’s Adventure Tour and Awilda’s Look-Out)

Holiday Park - Dino Splash (retheme of Thunder Rpaids)

Julianatoren - SBF Visa Figure 8 spinner

Legendia - rapids ride

Legoland Billund - The LEGO Movie World (three new rides)

Legoland Windsor - DUPLO Dream Coaster

Liseberg - Underland (darkride)

Parc Asterix - Two new hotels opening

Paulton's Park - new Tornado Springs area including 8 attractions with a spinning coaster

Phantasialand - F.L.Y.

Plopsa De Panne -new hotel

Power Land - Gerstlauer coaster

Tripsdrill - Hals-über-Kopf (Vekoma Suspended) and Volldamph (Vekoma Boomerang

Walibi Belgium - Cocinelle returns to the park, addition of a Mack Twist n Splash flat ride

Wiener Prater - Roller Ball Coaster




Jin Jiang - Flying Raiders (family suspended)

SeaWorld - Leviathan (Gravity Group woodie)

Tokyo Disneyland - Beauty and the Beast (trackless darkride), Happy Ride with Baymax, Fantasyland Forest Theater

Universal Japan - Super Nintendo Land

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Great list you've put together, Larry! Thanks for doing this.


An addition to this list? There's also the new Happy Ride w/Baymax

flat ride, that's opening the same time as Beauty/Beast in Tokyo Disneyland.

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Great list you've put together, Larry! Thanks for doing this.


An addition to this list? There's also the new Happy Ride w/Baymax

flat ride, that's opening the same time as Beauty/Beast in Tokyo Disneyland.


I saw a reference to a Baymax meet and greet in one thread, In my free time I'll look again in the TDL thread.



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So many great new additions next year, it's wild to see that every SeaWorld and Busch park is getting a new coaster next year. Jersey Devil Coaster, Iron Gwazi and Mickey and Minnie's runaway railway are the ones I'm looking forward to the most for parks I'll be visiting. I'll probably avoid trying to see most pictures from it but really looking forward to Nintendo Land in Japan as well but I don't see myself making it over there next year to see it.

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Gunna be a great year!


Cant wait for Orion, Jersey Devil, Iron Gwazi, Pantheon and Ice Breaker which looks pretty fun. These are just what I can easily do! Gotta try and fit in Hershey and some of the 2019 rides I missed!


Thanks for the thread!

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And to recap on the SDC Mystic River Falls attraction, here is a recap with some construction site videos I shot earlier this year.


Announcement Day Tour:




Late October Visit:


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This compilation list is the best thing I've seen all day.


Is that F.L.Y. at Phantasialand the same thing as this Rookburgh thing?


Rookburgh is the steam punk themed area that will include the new F.L.Y. coaster from Vekoma. A new hotel, the Charles Lindbergh hotel, is being built alongside Rookburgh.

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