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Oak's Amusement Park New Coaster for 2018

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It has a name!


Adrenaline Peak


Congratulations to William Phillips of Clackamas, OR; your suggestion is a total winner! The fun play on words, the nod to our mountainous NW culture, and the reference to the heart-pumping excitement of our new attraction make Adrenaline Peak the perfect name! Thank you so much to everyone who entered, shared, and supported our naming contest. Reading all of your ideas (and yes, we read every single one of almost 5,000 entries!) was a blast. Our fans are truly clever, creative, wonderful people!



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Wow, what a choice! I really, really like the name and logo (including its colors). Both Oregon- and coaster-appropriate! Cool to see Adrenaline in a coaster name (according to RCDB there's only one other example, in Bulgaria). And more creative than something like "Adrenaline Rush." All in all, very fresh and clever.


I guess I'll give them a pass for being silent on social media about the construction--it seems like they were just waiting on this announcement. Fair enough.

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I went down today to check on construction...


And surprise! the track is complete


*I did not trespass or cross any construction barriers to take these photos- the park is usually left open for anyone to walk through during the day.




site of future station


other rides are already out of winter storage and look ready to operate


97 degrees


peak at the three trains


trains on site


What's left od the coaster it replaced (looping thunder)


The old Trains are still intact and waiting under the gazebo. We don't know if its being sold/relocaed yet


the lift motor for looping thunder


finally, a shot of downtown from the river banks at the park- to remind you how close this park is to downtown Portland (about 3 miles)

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Thanks for the photos. Very nice.


Good riddance to their Pinfari, I can't imagine it has much resale value ...


I've only been on two Gerstlauers - Dollywood and Six Flags Over Georgia, I found Dollywood's a bit rough, SFOG's was tame and surprisingly dull. Hope this one will be awesome. It will easily be the best coaster in the US part of Cascadia (if one doesn't consider northern Idaho to be part of that). Too bad Oaks is in a valley, it would have been nice to see Mt. Hood seem to do a loop the loop. Maybe if this coaster is a financial success Oaks can buy a drop ride tall enough to see actual peaks on the horizon. And I hope it's visible from the new Sellwood bridge so people see the New Hotness.


Anyone know if there will be an opening day ceremony?

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