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Must Have Theme Park Snacks & Frosty Beverages

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I’m not the biggest fan of park food but there are a few things that I REALLY can't pass up on when I visit certain theme parks. So the point of the thread is to list one or a few food items you just can't pass up on no matter how hard you try.




My girl just got back from a quick Knott’s & MM business trip last week and she hooked me up with liquid gold......Knott's Berry Punch. 8) I mean I hardly go out of my way for any type of food or drink but I think I would drive hours on end just to get a few packages of concentrate to bring home with me.


So yeah, I know the thread is a bit random but let’s see what you guys can come up with.

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Well, the only snacks I can't pass up are those chocolate-chip cookie ice-cream sandwiches you find everywhere, and those soft-serve "Super Waffle Cone Sundaes" at Busch Gardens (and other Busch parks?).


The rest, though, is easy to pass up, although I do enjoy a good sausage/bun combination, if I'm forced to eat more typical "amusement park" food.

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honestly im not a big fan of amusement park food, maybe because ive only been eating at sfmm and the food is always subpar.


I dont really like funnel cake all that much but i just ate one this past friday when i was there good stuff this time around.


That pizza place at disneyland is rather tastey though

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Dippin Dots, cotton candy, and Tollhouse cookie ice cream sandwiches--I only eat these things at theme parks for some reason even though you can get them at other places.


Also, Disneyland has those yummy rainbow lollipops. Then there are the pineapple whip floats from the Tiki Room Dole stand, which I learned are actually really good.

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While not technically inside the park, the Steak and Shake across the street from Celebration City had a caramel turtle shake that will mummify a diabetic.

It's a vanilla shake with hot fudge, caramel, almonds, whipped cream, and a cherry. If thats not an ACE protein drink it should be.


Take that Waffle House!



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Damn it Dennis, now I am STARVING for patch fries with cheese and gravy.

For those of you who think that is weird, you should try it. I got many a people hooked on it this year. The baby patch is YUMMMM!


Deep fried Oreos sounds really good right now too!!!


Katie, I am hungry!

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