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Must Have Theme Park Snacks & Frosty Beverages

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Off the top of my head:


Knoebels- Cesari's Pizza, RibBQ

Magic Kingdom- Dole Whip

DCA- used to be the Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza (BRING IT BACK!!)

Disneyland- Skewers

Dollywood- Skillet potatoes

SDC-Apple Butter Apple Turnover, homemade ice cream, chicken and okra skillet

IOA- Mythos Lobster and corn bisque

BGW- Festhaus German Sampler Platter (mainly the potatoes)

Europa Park- fresh coconut, gran marnier crepe

Cedar Point- Elephant Ear

Kennywood- Fried Oreos

Idlewild- Patch fries with loads of BBQ spice

Del Grossos- Potato Salad

Canobie Lake- Fat Man on a dirty sofa

KBF- Berry Punch, chicken

SFMM- Marie Calendar's Pie (like 1 slice of each type, for a total of $3,582!)

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Damn it Dennis, now I am STARVING for patch fries with cheese and gravy.

For those of you who think that is weird, you should try it. I got many a people hooked on it this year. The baby patch is YUMMMM!


Katie, I am hungry!


This sounds like poutine! Except poutine is fries with cheese curds (cheddar is best but mozzerella works) covered with piping hot beef gravey. mmmmmmm


I need to go to Montreal now - poutine trucks on the street corners and have it with a steamy.

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Corn dogs On the pier At DCA,The Churros,Hot Chocolate, Dole Whip, Chicken Fusilli,Oreo Cluster,And The Fantasia Ice cream (wish It Was Back) @ DL,Strawberry swiril And Citrus swirl At MK,And Spongebob Lemon Cookies From the blast zone opening @ush.

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