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Silver Bullet Stuck Like a Duck

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  • 1 month later...

New to the forum and all but wanted to let anyone who may have been wondering about this one know that the reason I was given for the shutdown was due to a power fluctuation. It basically caused the sensor system to act up and stop the coaster until a complete reset could be performed.


Since the incident it has been up and running flawlessly, (I should know since I started working at the park a couple weeks after it happened.) But I have to agree with a lot of you guys and say that if one problem was a reason to scrap a coaster a lot of people should scrap their cars tonight due to bad batteries and flat tires.


But honestly the coasters at the park are all in pretty good working condition.

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  • 8 months later...

I'll be honest, after what happened last year I was surprised that they didn't extend the catwalk. BGT had the same thing happen with Scorpion and they extended it after a similar incident.







I wonder why they didn't go that route here. Sure it's easy to play Monday morning quarterback but now that this has happened twice you would think that it has to be worth the investment to avoid the negative press and having to call rescue teams for lift stops.

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^Well when it happens once in a decade it doesn't really call for an expensive change... but at this point I'd be surprised if they don't do something.


Honestly though, with how much bad publicity this ride has brought the park, and with how squeezed they are for land, and with the recent sale and new investment opportunities opening up, I'm thinking this is a nail in the coffin for this coaster at FC. Hopefully it isn't scrapped though - maybe they could send it to Magic Springs?


I had already wondered if they were thinking of replacing it with a cheap Gerstauler or Mack standard compact model. If they get a custom design like Monster that would be awesome.

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I'm thinking you really should ride in the back half.


haha right?


Omg.. no. Sit in the front row!!! ... How many people have that exclusive "cherry picker credit?!" You need to join them!!



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  • 1 month later...

So apparently Silver Bullet is stuck again for the third second time in a single season, and fifth time since 2008. News copters are circling as usual. This time it isn't stuck as badly - the people in the very front row might be just barely past the catwalk. Same response as always though... firemen will have to come out.


See at this point the fire department/city is going to start getting ticked off. They don't like repeat calls... I think we can start having some serious speculation that this ride will be replaced/rotated.


EDIT: Nope, sorry - spoke too soon. Fire department didn't have to do a rescue. They may have been called to the scene, but they were actually able to get the ride started again and it completed the cycle after being stuck for 15 minutes. The initial news reports made it sound like a complete repeat of the last time.

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