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Shanghai Disneyland Grand Opening TR!

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Amazing TR! Thank you so much - and some comments are golden.


It's a bit of a surprise that you didn't liked Peter Pan that much, tho. I feel like, judging on videos, that it's an improved version -for the better or the worst- toward the originals. For instance, I do like the fact they gave it a proper ending this time.

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Adventure Trail looks like a really cool "surprise", I'm not sure I was even aware that was an attraction being planned for opening day. I'd love to see something like that installed at Animal Kingdom, come on WDI it's not to late to add it into Pandora!


Seems like Pirates is the consensus absolute "Must See" attraction at this park, I did watch a few spoiler vids online just because I know I'm not gonna be in Shanghai anytime soon, but holy cow that thing looks amazing. I can only imagine how great the Star Wars version of that ride will be if they use the same technology.

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There was an upload error, anyway here are the rest of the photos.


Can I just live here?




Look at the detail! The wooden beams were scratched by the chains.


Pirates queue line


Leftover food



It's sunset now!


Park isn't too busy


Just wanna take it all in


Yes please!






Pirates entrance during sunset



Castle is lit


Alice Maze is empty


From Voyage to the Crystal Grotto's exit


Um no


Too much beauty to handle




Tomorrowland at night




Jet Pack in action


More Jet Pack bc I was bored af


Now let's take a look at TRON. This is the outdoors queue line


Station porn




Light change


In action



Castle from Tomorrowland


The lighting tho!




One more because I'm leaving the park


Love the fan and heater combo design


Please! This is too much for me to handle!


Bye Tomorrowland, you're beautiful but I have to get out of the park


Final picture with Mr. Disney and Mickey


Bye, until next time!


Everything I got from the Shanghai Disney Resort/Asian Attraction Expo. Lots of grand opening stuffs!

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Shanghai Disneyland looks like a really great park overall, especially for a park at opening day. It looks like they learned from the mistakes from Hong Kong Disneyland and came up with a more complete park at the get go. I like how Shanghai Disneyland is a reimagined Magic Kingdom with its own unique attractions and identity instead of being a cookie cutter Magic Kingdom. I was skepical of SDR before it opened and felt like waiting several years before visiting to see it expand and work out the kinks and bugs would be the best option, but after seeing all the opening day reports I am ready to go now. Sure it will get better and it will most likely be several years before I can get there, but a trip to Shanghai (and China in general) just went much higher up my bucket list. Shanghai Disneyland is now higher up my list than Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland (which it already was before opening) on Disney parks to visit first.


Tron definitely looks like a night ride for me (at least for the outdoor portion) and Tomorrowland looks like a land best experienced at night.


Adventure Isle and Treasure Cove looks amazing, like Tokyo DisneySea quality theming. I can't wait to see how the new Pirates of the Carribbean is. I want to see the video, but I hope it doesn't ruin the experience for me (maybe I'll watch it once late at night and hopefully forget about it by the time I get to SDR).


The castle looks great and like they are finally getting some good uses out of a Disney castle besides just being a photo prop and something you walk through.


The only real disappointment I see in Shanghai Disneyland is they didn't go with Tokyo version of the Pooh ride, I thought there was no going back after the Tokyo trackless ride technology.


The food choices look great and adventurous and creative for the most part (I'd probably even try the duck pizza), but I'm surprised they didn't go with different flavors of popcorn like in Tokyo and Hong Kong (okay, one more disappointment with Shanghai Disneyland). I'm also surprised they went with Pepsi over Coke products as there hasn't been Pepsi products at a Disney park since the 1970s/1980s I think when they were being served in parts of Disneyland. I don't really care whether a park has Coke or Pepsi products as long as they have a good selection and prices aren't too outrageous, but Coke has been winning me over with their Freestyle machines lately.


There looks like there are several pockets in the park for future expansion, I wonder if Adventure Isle will ever get some type of Indiana Jones ride or Tomorrowland will get some type of Star Wars ride (or land).

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These are awesome reports, thanks so much!


I'm shocked that the cast members don't all speak Mandarin, moreso I think than that the park is less English friendly than others. I would think that at least after the initial opening rush the majority of the guests are all going to be Chinese. Seems so weird to have less English signage than, say, Tokyo Disney, but also not have everyone speak Mandarin. Was it because they brought in a lot of CMs from other locations, or just happened to be locals that only speak Shanghainese (I sort of assume most people in China these days speak at least decent Mandarin, but maybe I'm way off)?


Still, sounds very cool. Hopefully the incidents of fist fights will go down!

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^There are a lot of cast members from Hong Kong, US and some from Europe I would assume. They are in Shanghai to make sure grand opening goes smoothly and continue training the local cast members because the park is still working out the bugs caused by the rushed opening. From what I see, a lot of the local CMs are still not trained enough to handle the scenes caused by ridiculous guests so basically the CM from HK and US were handling the situations. It is kind of chaotic because of all the different languages flying around but that's the best they can do honestly. I noticed a CM quality decline at HK Disney earlier and now I know all the good ones were in Shanghai.


And Shanghainese is basically Mandarin with an accent, there's only two major languages in China: Mandarin and Cantonese (Hong Kong and Canton area)

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Fantastic report, thank you for the very detailed play by play from your entire visit!!! I may never travel there so it's reports like yours that I can live vicariously thru. The list of Good and Bad experiences there was great too and the part about not seeing anybody peeing on the flowers was great Regarding Adventurers Trail, is that a kids-only attraction? I've never ridden a motorcycle coaster so can you (or someone else) explain how you get in them and how the restraint works?

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Fantastic report, thank you for the very detailed play by play from your entire visit!!! I may never travel there so it's reports like yours that I can live vicariously thru. The list of Good and Bad experiences there was great too and the part about not seeing anybody peeing on the flowers was great Regarding Adventurers Trail, is that a kids-only attraction? I've never ridden a motorcycle coaster so can you (or someone else) explain how you get in them and how the restraint works?


1. The Adventure Trail is good for people of all ages.

2. See the two pictures below, the traditional Vekoma Motorbike coaster has lap restraint attached to the handle bar. When you pull the handlebar towards you, the back restraint lowers towards your upper back. And there is a tilted box at each sides of the bike for you to put your feet in.


On the newly designed TRON vehicles, the back restraint and handle bar combo is the same but the shin restraint+box combo is replaced by a moveable shin guard that has tall sides and a small metal bar that closes to the back of your knees as you pull down the handlebar. The connecting part between two cars are flat walkways so you can walk around the car to access the Lightcycle at the other side of the train. Also the bikes are higher off the track than the traditional design, so the walkway at the beginning and end can cover up parts of the track to make you feel like you're on a race track rather than a roller coaster track. This new design made the loading and unloading so much faster than the original design.


I think I'll get more spinning this way.


Photo from RCDB

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Fantastic trip report!


It looks great, but I just can't grasp what they're going for with the plantings at Adventure Isle... The mountain and the architecture would suggest tropical/jungle like plants, but in this image it looks almost european! Perhaps they're creating their own unique/hybrid environment.


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...Perhaps they're creating their own unique/hybrid environment.


I like that idea about Adventure Isle. Mysterious, unknown, strange landscaping.

In that photo, the trees could be a bit more 'exotic', but that's okay. Still looks great!

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^Yeah if I remember correctly in some of the earlier press releases and descriptions, they were aiming to make Adventure Isle completely new and something people hadn't seen before in their parks. It's cool!

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Stellar review, Yin. Thanks so much for sharing your story! Glad that the trek back to guest services about your 2 day ticket not reserving FP didn't cause any delays for you. The park looks fantastic! Loved the details you wrote about the attractions because I honestly didn't know shit about them.

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Fast pass are definitely avaible in English :



Le Parcorama


Quick, unrelated question - Do people get stuck sometimes on Adventure Trail (from fear of height, tiredness, etc), and what happen in that case? Are there cast members all around the course?

Hmmm I tried to find if there's a way to get English version of FP but couldn't do it. Anyway about the Adventure Trail, there are CM here and there to assist the guests, I've never seen anyone get stuck though, there are some challenging paths but everybody get through it just fine.

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I would love to have an Adventure Trail attraction here at my Orange County Disneyland, but someone might possibly get injured and need to file a million dollar plus lawsuit against Disney..........So that won't be happening anytime soon. That's one thing I like about the Alveys international trip reports, is all of the cool attractions that just aren't available here in the USA due to litigation concerns.

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Hmmm yeah, I do think maybe adding something like that to the back of Tarzan tree house, over Indiana Jones' entrance would probably fit in.


If they were serious about this, it would be a great thing to build on a show building roof.


But as someone earlier said, Animal Kingdom would be AMAZING for this.

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^ I remember reading, that they were going to go with the Racer Coaster and the Slinky Dog Spin.

But the coaster was going to be re-themed to another TS character. And they weren't going

to have the Parachute Drop in this version of TSL.


What I remember reading.


Ooooo, maybe there's the possibility of a Midway Mania clone going there, eventually!

Actually, with the Buzz Lightyear attraction so close to where TSL was supposed to go,

maybe not. Hmmm...

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