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Please help TPR's Jack Crouse!

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Great that the goal has been hit! and hopefully the news will continue to be "not worse" or even better, "some improvement" for Jack.


but wonderful that the goal was hit. . now to get to the stretch goals!


I'm continuing to point folks to the campaign, and I hope others are as well.

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I have never met jack or his family, but feel like I know him through twitter, robb posts some awesome pictures the man has taken I enjoy them all and share them with friends. I donated on day 2 and I am so glad to see all the support sinse then, for now I will pray for the Crouse family and hope he gets well.

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Orlando area friends! We are going to be giving away a $100 Morimoto Asia gift card on our Twitter later today to help raise awareness for Jack Crouse's GoFundMe - Please follow our Twitter account @themeparkreview and follow the instructions! Thank you!



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Continuing to send healing vibes to Jack and his family and friends. My family went thru a devastating medical event during the holidays, somehow everything turned out all ok but it was touch and go for several weeks. Keep fighting, Jack! Thanks Robb for posting updates from the page so we can see them.

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Hopefully this is the first of many positive updates to follow.


I hope so. We need a LOT of positive updates for him to be "out of the woods." When I saw him the other night it was amazing to see just how many machines were attached to him and how scary it is. Google "Patient on ECMO machine" and you'll get an idea of what his current condition is.

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Today's Jack Crouse update hits a little closer to home. While there is very good news about Jack, the family have released the first pictures of him in the hospital. Please SHARE the GoFundMe - They need all the support they can get!





First off, we would like to thank you for all the support and donations. Here are the first pictures of Jack from the hospital we have released.


It’s important to note that while we have some very good news about Jack to report today, his condition is still VERY serious and he is depending on the ECMO machine to stay alive. We are far from being "out of the woods" yet.


Best case scenario is that his full recovery will be about six months before he can get back to work.


During that time, we have “real life” finances to worry about… Mortgage payments, hospital bills, and day to day payments that we all can appreciate.


While I am still working at my current job (media clerk at my daughters school), and our oldest daughter is applying to work to help the family, any additional donation you could give would be greatly appreciated during this time of crisis for our family. Sharing this GoFundMe on any social media channel you can think of would also be a great help.


Now onto the good news…


They had pulled him off the paralytic last night and Jack was able to come out of sedation for a little bit this morning and he opened his eyes and wiggled his toes when asked.


He still started to tremble and they put him under again but WOW!


His vitals are still good and his X-ray shows more improvement. They may reposition his ECMO today but we are still waiting for a clearer understanding with that.


All in all Jack is fighting and beginning to win some battles.


As the day continues, he's tolerating being off the paralytic and his lungs have improved from yesterday. We actually saw him open his eyes a little too. Still sedated but able to respond to some commands.


Again these are still very small baby steps and there's a long road still ahead but we are very encouraged by Jack's progress.


We thank all of you for the love and support you have given us during this time. It means everything to our family.


Jacqi Crouse



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During that time, we have “real life” finances to worry about… Mortgage payments, hospital bills, and day to day payments that we all can appreciate.


Sorry if this come across as rude or too personal, it's not meant that way and feel free not to answer, but as some-one who only lived in the U.K. with the N.H.S. before moving to Korea, how bad are medical costs when it is a long term emergency like this? I don't mean as a numerical figure, I mean is there any outside help from the government or is it things like this fundraiser that do most of the work? I just feel bad for people who don't have communities who could raise money like this one has.


Sorry, I'm worried I'm not wording my question right and coming across rude. I remember some American friends who had their baby here in Korea and they said the birth and 2 week stay in the postpartum center would probably have been the same as just labor in the hospital back home for them and it was quite a culture shock for me.

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^Totally fair and honest question.


In the US it all depends on your insurance. Medical Insurance for self-employed individuals and families SUCKS!!! It is expensive and doesn't cover as much as you would hope. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience!


Jack's wife has a position at the local high school that allowed them to have slightly better insurance than what they had before which is now going to be a life saver. Jack's hospital bill will end up around the $750k - $1 million mark when all is said and done. Insurance will cover the vast majority of it but they will still be responsible for a minimum of $5k-$10k to the hospital. Then there will be LOTS of outpatient therapy and appointments that will all have 'Co-Pays' of at least $50 each which will add up fast.


When Robb worked for Activision and we had KT, and she spent several days in the NICU and we didn't pay a dime with that more 'real' health insurance. Her bills I saw were near $50k. With the insurance we have now that we pay a lot more for with our own business we would be on the hook for $10k.


It's not a perfect system for sure.

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