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Legoland New York Discussion Thread

P. 3: The "Minifigure Skyflyer" attraction announced!

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Merlin Entertainments has shared a new look at LEGOLAND New York, the newest LEGOLAND park which will open in 2021!


The team at LEGOLAND New York are working hard to build hopes and dreams of bricktastic fun for 2021!

LEGOLAND New York will be the largest of the eight global LEGOLAND Parks, with 50 rides and attractions across a 500 acre site. The 250-room hotel and key buildings have now been built and the rides are being installed including the brand-new LEGO Factory Adventure Ride!

On this exclusive ride visitor's find out what it’s like to be a LEGO minifigure on A BIG LEGO Adventure and will be magically shrunk to miniature size and be right in the action of LEGO bricks being created!

We can't wait for little builders to cruise around at Junior Driving School, to see trainees mastering Spinjtizu at Jay's Gravity Force Trainer and to welcome our first guests at the LEGO Castle. Check out the latest construction images below.







We are excited to share that Miniland Goshen is also starting to take shape with iconic buildings from The Bull Stone House to St. Patrick's Cathedral - all carefully crafted by our LEGO Model Builders.




One of the key attractions at New York’s Miniland will be the 19-foot-tall Empire State Building, with exactly 102 floors and 6,500 LEGO brick windows  - the whole building is made from a whopping 97,680 bricks! There will also be a a 23-Foot-Long Brooklyn Bridge and a stunning St. Patrick’s Cathedral all made of LEGO bricks of course!

The Miniland at LEGOLAND New York is dedicated to the sights and sounds found all around New York State and the first Minilanders recently got to enjoy some sunshine!




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If you're looking to blow $2,000 this Black Friday, Legoland New York has you covered with their "Lifetime Pass", which contrary to its name is not good for a lifetime but rather 10 years worth of access. In addition to that, the pass also includes premium parking, access to the other Legoland resorts, a 10% discount on merchandise, 2 complimentary digital photo packages, front of line access to all rides and attractions, invites to a yearly Master Builder workshop as well as other special events, and in a first that I've ever seen on any passes, 5 complimentary nights' stays at the Legoland Hotel.

Supposedly this deal is for Black Friday only and they will be raising the price to $5,000 per pass after today. So, uh, drop those bags of money directly at their doorsteps now while you can, I guess!


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This market probably appeals to a wider age range but I’d feel the same way is Sesame Place offered a 10 year pass.

Obviously the market is kids who love the IP, but what parent would bet on their kids being just as into it for a decade? That isn’t going to happen.

Also the pass with the same perks is $299 a year from Legoland Florida and it’s guaranteed to go up over the next decade so that’s a great deal if it actually appeals to someone, I’m just not sure that person exists. 

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Just visited Legoland NY for the first time today, we decided to take in the Brick or Treat festivities (and the cooler weather) for our first visit to any Lego park. We opted to stay at the Legoland Hotel as well, which was very nice but overly priced for what's included. Other than a small play area and arcade that's about it until the summer and the pool opens.

The park is great, it's clean and we'll manicured, eventually it will be even more beautiful. The biggest knock I have is the amount of excessive walking especially up and down hills. It's an easy park to navigate being it's a giant loop, but that also means some back tracking at times which is tough with the two large hills. 

Each section is well designed, sort of Disney on a budget, Better than a six Flags but maybe a step below a SeaWorld/Busch Gardens  Lego city had tons of models to see and Lego Castle had the cool courtyard area and of course a castle. Ninjago was the weakest theme but had the great Ninjago ride. 

As for the rides themselves, there's nothing really spectacular but the best would be the Ninjago ride, The Factory Tour Ride and the Dragon Coaster. The Splash Battle looks fun, but it was far to cold for that. Most other rides are somewhat basic or more for just kids like the Driving School which is also cool but not for adults. The 4D cinema was very nice as well and one of the better ones we have done. The Tour ride was cool but pretty short compared to a Disney park. 

Food was actually quite good in the park, we opted for Smokey's BrickBQ after seeing some other reviews and that was a good choice. The Brisket was better than Busch Gardens Williamsburg we had earlier in the year and the sides were solid too. The seasonal treats were a little more pedestrian but not bad. The Hotel food was decent albeit over priced of course, however the dessert we had, a big piece of chocolate cake was awesome and tasty. 

Overall it's a great park and for the most part doable in a day, at least with the crowds being low, on a super busy day I can see needing a second day. Many rides have low capacity and can easily build long lines. Things like Ninjago, the Factory ride and Dragon have decent capacity, but Driving School and the small flats would take longer. We had minimal waits all day and the Dragon crew was especially fast and efficient, little to no stacking, impressive on a smaller family coaster. I say family coaster but near the back it's fairly forceful and fun even for adults. 

The Hotel while nice and convenient to the park is not necessary for a good visit. We opted to try it at least this time but probably wouldn't return due to the costs and lack of other things to do. It's a Disney priced hotel but with even less amenities. The rooms are nice and fairly spacious with a side for kids with Legos to play with and some cool decor. Nice at least once but not a repeat visit. I would have rather stayed at the indoor water park resort up the way to get way more bang for my buck. 

We will certainly be back to the park especially to see it grow and expand as we are only about 3 1/2 hours away in the Syracuse area. It's nice to have more options nearby especially one that is open longer into the season, and staffing does not appear to be an issue here, other than a couple attractions being closed, some for seasonal maintenance like the boat ride. Not sure if they will do a Christmas event as they only have a calendar going until the end of November. I also will try to post some pictures tomorrow after we visit for our second day.

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New for 2022-Lego City Water Playground
Legoland NY has announced Lego City Water Playground, located within LEGO City, it’s the perfect way to beat the heat during your day at the theme park.  While you there; build an
race your own LEGO® watercraft at the Build a Boat feature!



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Every time I see "LEGOland New York" I keep thinking it's "downtown somewhere" near Central park, or somewhere like that, lol. :oops:



It's just me. I DO realize it's "a bit" outside of the New York City ..... edge.

Silly bear I am.

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19 hours ago, coasterbill said:

The season will now run through the end of December. Opening Day is April 8th.

This park is like 30 minutes from me and I've still never bothered to go. Let's see if we keep that tradition alive...

Same for a while. I wanted to see it opening year/support the area venture.  They did a nice job with the infrastructure how the park wraps down the hill and has some great overlooks of the park and the area hills.  It kind of has a Great Escape vibe and will look great when landscape grows in a little.

There's nothing there to do besides walk around if you don't have young kids.  Though the models are cool.  The trackless dark ride that keeps getting high marks is unimpressive.

I went for a couple hours on Thanksgiving day.  A nice gesture, they gave us come back free tickets for the first month of 2022 season.




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That's always been my biggest criticism of the Legoland parks, I mean I get what market they're going for but after kids turn like 7 or 8 or something it's a lot less appealing. I've got younger kids, and we've been to the park in Florida and had fun, but we don't really feel the need to go back anytime soon especially when tickets are as almost as much as SeaWorld/BGT or even Universal. 


Legoland Billund has the Polar X-Plorer coaster, and one of the parks overseas has a cool indoor dark ride drop tower ride if I remember. I just wish the American parks would build some more "family" rides that are slightly more thrilling. Something like Fire Chaser at Dollywood, or a cool themed log flume, or a smaller S&S swing maybe. If they built some kind of major "family" attraction we'd probably go back because the park is nice, but until that happens we'll keep spending money other places.

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Yeah, I still can't reconcile why the Florida one tore down the brand new Starliner...  And when they were one of the early contenders to repurpose Rye Playland a decade back, they had similar ideas to scrap the Dragon Coaster.

They could think outside the box (of Legos) a bit.

I wonder if as their initial audience ages the ride installs grow with this generation.  Or they keep focus on 3 to 8.  I feel like with the companies reach into adult audience of late with sets that keep getting more complicated and  detailed, they could easily level up without losing brand identity.


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17 minutes ago, Kstr737 said:

Yeah, I still can't reconcile why the Florida one tore down the brand new Starliner...  And when they were one of the early contenders to repurpose Rye Playland a decade back, they had similar ideas to scrap the Dragon Coaster.

They could think outside the box (of Legos) a bit.

I wonder if as their initial audience ages the ride installs grow with this generation.  Or they keep focus on 3 to 8.  I feel like with the companies reach into adult audience of late with sets that keep getting more complicated and  detailed, they could easily level up without losing brand identity.


The one in Florida got the new flying theater, spinning mini drop tower and a disco. The UK one got a mad house. I feel like we can see even more intermediate intense rides in the future. A Chance freestyle type ride or even a gerstlauer sky fly with a lego theme 

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LEGOLAND New York Resort has announced the addition of the Minifgure Skyflyer, a gondola attraction that is both a themed experience and a method of transportion between sections of the park.



LEGOLAND® New York Resort is giving guests a fun way to groove while they move when visiting the Park this summer with the addition of its newest attraction: The Minifigure Skyflyer. Opening this summer, the new gondola-style ride – a first for LEGOLAND® Resorts – offers an interactive new way to travel between themed lands of the Park.

In anticipation of the new ride, LEGOLAND New York Resort has partnered with Belleayre Mountain to give families an early taste of what's to come and bring the same party-in-the-sky experience to life via two specially-themed ski gondolas. Starting today through April (weather permitting), skiers can catch a lift on two special gondola pods on The Catskill Thunder Gondola wrapped in the image of the LEGOLAND New York Minifigure Skyflyer Pirate Party Pod as an immersive and fun-filled way to ride to the top of the ski mountain.

Belleayre skiers who catch a ride on the LEGOLAND New York Minifigure Skyflyer gondola pods can scan a QR code and receive exclusive access to "Kids Go Free" tickets, with the purchase of an adult ticket, so families can return to LEGOLAND New York this summer and be one of the first to ride the real Minifigure Skyflyer.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane! It's the Minifigure Skyflyer!

LEGOLAND New York guests can expect a fully immersive, interactive experience on the Minifigure Skyflyer from queuing to disembarking. Prior to boarding, guests can help "charge" the cable car batteries through hand-powered cranks then follow the rainbow road before reaching the boarding platform's disco-themed dance floor. Complete with LEGO® brick disco ball lights, the dance floor invites families to show off their most imaginative dance moves to help the Minifigure Skyflyer truly fly!

Before boarding, guests are greeted by the Resort's famous minifigures who tell the story of how they designed and built the new Minifigure Skyflyer – but they need guests' help to make it fly. Once in flight, families can use their imaginations to help "power" the ride through movement as they dance while traveling across the Park with the best views over MINILAND and more – all from the sky!

Once aboard one of seven individually themed Party Pods, ranging from pirates to space to disco, it's time to partake in the in-flight interactivity features. Guests will learn how to speak like a pirate, talk in a space alien language or participate in a sing-along all while flying through the sky. All pods are ADA accessible and seat up to ten people.

"There's a lot to enjoy at LEGOLAND New York, but it's a big Resort and our fans asked us for more ways to move easily from the upper and lower levels of the Park," said Divisional Director of LEGOLAND New York Stephanie Johnson. "We take our guests feedback seriously and the Minifigure Skyflyer gives them a way to do exactly that while igniting creativity, sparking imagination, and inspiring movement through disco and dance."

Family flyers who enjoy the Belleayre gondola party pods are encouraged to snap, post and share their experience tagging @LEGOLAND.NewYork as you party through the sky. To learn more and buy tickets for the upcoming season, visit https://www.legoland.com/new-york/.

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Love it, but I have questions...

1. I thought this park was pretty small? Does it need a transportation ride like this?

2. There are only seven pods? How short is the ride or am I missing something?

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