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Cedar Fair Files a New Trademark

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Cedar Fair filed for an interesting new trademark this week to use the name “Rougarou” in their theme parks. I’ve no clue yet just which park may get to use this name, but Rougarou is the French name for Werewolf. The use of the French name could be a hint that it could end up at Canada's Wonderland, but who knows?


Here's the parks that could get this name for the new park.


1) Canada's Wonderland: B&M Wing Rider with wolves on the track. Likely since there in Canada.

2) Cedar Point: RMC woodie and theme it to the insane wolves. Not likely since it's gonna replace Mean Streak and why would they put something French in the Frontier Town? That seems kinda weird.

3) Worlds Of Fun: What if they RMCed TImberwolf and rethemed it Rougarou? Still has wolves in the theming right? I don't see this coming.


Comment below on what which Cedar Fair park will get "Rougarou" as their next ride's name.


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First post- whoo!


I think the knots idea is interesting and probably accurate. However I could see CGA or even KD get this as a dark ride because that is one area in which they are lacking, and (for CGA) the name could quite possibly indicate that is going near demon.

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Aren't Cedar Point and Kings Island constructing buildings that are expected to be haunt mazes? Sounds like a great name for a new haunt.


Haunt name wouldn't be trademarked unless it was going to be for a year round haunt.

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Just did some more research on Rougarou. Apparently, the Rougarou is under a spell for 101 days.

A coaster with a drop of 325+ feet could achieve speeds of approximately 101 mph. Just throwing that out there....

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