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Favorite Scary Movies


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I love the Exorcist, even though it was not scary to me at al...The only thing I am terrified of are aliens (weird, eh?) and this one movie called Fire in the Sky scared the absolute be-jeezus out of me. I don't think you have to be afraid of aliens to be freak-out to no end by this movie.


I just can't think of many movies that I consider "scary." I did find the Nightmare on Elm street series, along with the three Child's Play movies scary when I was younger. Go figure. 8)

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My favorite film of all time is "The Bride of Frankenstein", which qualifies as a "scary" movie, I guess.


However, I don't really find movies scary. Disturbing, thrilling, grotesque, whatever, but never scary.


I think I watched too many horror films, at too young an age.


Oh well.

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Well I can be coerced into watching scary movies. I think they are quite predictable. With the exception of one that I had to turn off because I couldn't stand watching. That was Saw. I don't particularly like clowns, this movie made it worse. And I really don't like blood and guts and gore. Not my thing.


I am more of a suspense person myself. I absolutely love the movies from M. Night Shamalan. He is an amazing director and can really scare the crap out of people.


Sixth Sense, ok who didn't find that really damn creepy?

Signs- OMG that movie made me jump out of my seat!

The Village- His latest creation. I loved every bit of the movie, but the ending COMPLETELY SUCKED! I was so let down by the ending. But the only fun part was scaring my step-daughters to death since they hadn't watched it yet.


Just my two cents, No blood or guts for me thank you!



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Some of my favs are...


The original japanese versions of The Grudge and Dark Water. Both did better then the american versions, but the american version of Dark Water was good.


The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The remake does not even come close.


My all time favs, some many have seen, while some are unique


American Werewolf in London: A classic werewolf film


Poltergeist: This scared my mom,dad and myself as kids!


The Thing: A great thriller.


Seven: Twisted and awsome.


The Serpent and the Rainbow: Great voodoo movie, "Don't bury me, I'm not dead yet!"


The Wicker Man: Bizarre, strange, twisted. This movie is NOT for Christians!


Deliverance: "Get on the ground and squeal like a pig. WHHHHEEEEEE!!!" That was sooooo disturbing!

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A few more favorites of mines are:


Cube 2: Hypercube (Never saw Part 1)

The Sisters (A movies released in Japan, then sold as the dvd in the USA)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (The Remake)

The Fog

Final Destination 1&2 (although those aren't really classified and scary movies.)

Scream 1,2&3

The Cave

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I thought the Grudge and the Ring 2 were just so stupid.....my favorite is The Ring 1. I liked the first one alot.


I agree, the Grudge and Ring 2 were extremely moronic. The Ring (first American one) was excellent. It is one of the best horror flicks that this decade's got so far, IMO. Great storyline too, BTW... 8)

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