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Favorite Scary Movies


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My favorite scary movie would be The Blair Witch Project followed by the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Blair Witch Project never ceases to scary the living hell out of me. The way it was filmed makes it seem so real which is what really freaks me out. Then there's Chainsaw Massacre which doesn't really need much explanation. It's just messed up.

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Bare in mind these are opinions. I don't want anyone having a go at me if I insult any of their films they loved



first time I saw Jurassic Park (I was 4) it frightened the hell out of me. I didn't watch it again until I was 6.


Recent ones include

-Final Destination (I stumbled across it when I was 12 and managed to buy it. I took it round a friends house at a sleepover and it really scared us...)

-28 Days Later still gets me all worked up... I wish they'd release the version without the music... Apparently it was truly terrifying!

-Predator. I never liked the fact he can turn invisible and kill people without them knowing...

-The Amityville Horror (original). Those damn eyes at the bedroom window... I swear to God, that was the most terrifying part of any horror movies. At first I thought it was just a reflection, but they moved and I was shaken up by it... It was awesome! I can't get rid of the image of those eyes...

-Braindead. More gruesopme comedy than anything, but it made me cringe when the guys throat was ripped off and the insides eaten



Films that had really good ratings that truly sucked.


-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both)


-Blair Witch Project


and many more

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The Exorcist - still gives me nightmares.

Halloween - great scary movie by a great film maker.

Jaws- great film full of primordial fear.

Day of the Dead - 1st two were great but this just builds until the excruciating finale.

Dog Soldiers - absolutely kick a$$, The Howling meets Night of the Living Dead.

Alien - # 2 was more action but this was pure horor.

Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer - so incredibly disturbing.

Suspiria - intense scary film.

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My Favorites (not scariest, but awesome)

The Ring - not scary, but just amazing

Disturbia - last 20 minutes were sooo intense

Final Destination - more disturbing than scary, but still awesome

Scream - landmark picture just amazing

I know what you did last summer - played off of Scream\

The Hills Have Eyes (2006) - greatest character development, that made you sad/angry/vengeful when they died.


A Nightmare on Elm Street - just terrfying in a home theatre

The Twilight Zone Movie - the most disturbing movie ever, for me

IT - clowns=horrific

The Hills Have Eyes II - i was most suprised that this one scared me. i know it had no plot or character development whatso ever, but that was the good part about it. this movie was just really disturbing

Honorable Mention (no the greatest but rly good)

Saw 1, 2, and 3 - some of my favorites ever!

Final Destination 2 and 3 - great, but not AS good as the first

Hostel - new level of disgusting

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - actually rlyyy good

movies that are just terrible!

The Ring 2 - omfg, soooo boring

The Grudge - also a snoozer

See No Evil - the gore didnt even look realistic



That's my perspective on modern horror

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^We definitely see the same movie differently. I saw The Shining when I was 17, and it scared the crap out of me. I couldn't sleep that night. Every time I started nodding off, I saw those two girls *shudders* and jumped back awake.


Signs also freaked me out. The home footage of the alien on the news cost me a night's sleep. The image just tapped into something in me, I found it very disturbing.


I recently saw The Descent. I didn't lose any sleep, but it was definitely not a relaxed viewing experience. I mean, I was on the edge of my seat...and then the flesh-eating "crawlers" started making their presence known. IMO, one of the best creature reveals on film. Right up there with Jaws ("We're gonna need a bigger boat").

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OH OH OH my favorite "Scary" movie is Saw III! Even though it is not scarry it made me freak. I mean the way the people were tortured. I was all like OMG through the entire movie! But I love it! OH and I love Finial Destination 3! It was not scary, but for some reason I loved it!! I have seen it 68 times


~Matthew *Loves horror movies* Stout

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^ I agree, I love all the Saw movies. They are all SOOOO good and have such a great twist at the end. I also like the Amityville Horror, the remake, I haven't seen the original. Also, The Descent is good. I want to see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre but I don't see too many movies.

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