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Favorite On-Ride and Background Music?

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Hi everyone.


After watching some amazing POV's of coasters with amazing on-ride music and background music, I am really curious to know what's your favorite on-ride music and background music. Post a video of it if possible, thanks!


My favorite on-ride music is California Screamin's

My favorite background music is De Vliegende Hollander's

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It's not music but a background noise you can hear. I always enjoyed when the train rolls back on Storm Runner as the magnetic brakes drop and you hear that voice say "Now get ready, here we go", then the train launches.


My favorite music played on a coaster is probably California Screamin'

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Onride, I liked all the Space Mountains. Also throw in for Euro Mir for its catchy German techno on the lift.


Area music wise, Nemesis probably has the best instrumental/atmospheric theme, with Soarin' close behind. I've also had a thing for the polkas in line for the Matterhorn.

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I kind of like listening to the pre-show songs for Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge at Hersheypark. I also enjoyed the station music for GASM at Six Flags Great Adventure.


As for overall ride music, I really loved the selection of songs played in Maverick's station this past summer.

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Favorite On-Ride: "Kickstart my Heart" on Hollywood RRR

Now I know what I'm playing next time I ride!


For me...


Live carousel band organs.

X2 - it gets criticized for its unreliability, but when it works, it adds a lot to the lift hill and brake run.

Pre-launch revs on TTD - the sound effect enhances the overall psyche-out of waiting to launch.

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I think almost any Disney attraction fits this category for me, but my favorites are...


Ride Soundtracks:


Roller Coasters:


Space Mountain (Disneyland)-Fits the ride perfectly. The Ghost Galaxy soundtrack is also spectacular.

California Screamin'-Just like Space Mountain, it really adds to the ride.

X2-I'm not a huge fan of most of the soundtrack, but playing Enter Sandman while climbing up the lift is perfect.


Non-Coaster Rides:


Haunted Mansion/Holiday Mansion/Phantom Manor-Love all of these. In my opinion, the Haunted Mansion music is the best instrumental theme written for a Disney attraction, and the soundtrack for the holiday version is just really good.

Indiana Jones Adventure-Yes, I know it is just a remix of the movie soundtracks, but I really like the music.

Small World Holiday-I'm not a huge fan of the regular version of Small World, but love the Holiday version. It's probably because the music doesn't get on your nerves by the end of the 15 minute ride.

Soarin' Over California-If there is a ride I'd call beautiful, it is this one. The music just fits the film perfectly. I'll be more disappointed by the loss of the music than by the loss of the film when the attraction gets upgraded in the near future.


Background Music:


Roller Coasters:


Riddler's Revenge-It's a shame they don't play the music in here any more, but I always liked the song (at least I liked it significantly better than what is played at Full Throttle).


Non-Coaster Rides:


Ghost Blasters-The song is really catchy and goes well with the comic nature of the ride.

Any Carousel with an authentic organ, as long as it isn't terribly out of tune


Edit (to poster below me): Ecuador seems to be played intermittently now. I only heard it on one of my past four visits, and on that visit it was about 1/3 the volume it used to play. I did hear a loop that sounded the same as Batman's station music at one point, but that seems to have gone away as well.

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^^Thanks for posting the audio to it, since I referenced the track earlier. Now we will get everyone hooked to ludicrously catchy German techno music!


^Ecuador was playing at Riddler's in October when I last went...did they just take it out?

EDIT: Ah, okay. I just thought that was odd having heard it recently.

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IMAscore. Period.

I can't help but listening to their CD they gave me at the EAS (as long as a cool energy drink can with their logo ).



They also did the ones for Krake, BlueFire, The Smiler and a few other.


I also like the soundtracks from Efteling (Raveleijn, De Vliegende Hollander, Villa Volta). Check the dance remixes Efteling post on their

, haha, this park is awesome!

I enjoy Disney's musics as well, the classics like POTC or Phantom Manor, but also the new ones like Mystic Manor.

Europa Park got some nice tunes, Euromir is awesome! Check this

. Fluch der Kassandra, as long as Mystére (from the old laser show) are among my favorites as well.
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Sadly there isn't a recording for it... but the onboard audio for Green Lantern at Movie World is really good. The pacing for the soundtrack matches the ride really nicely and just makes it that much better. Just wish it worked more frequently.

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