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Photo TR: Marcel's first TPR adventure and MORE!

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^^I avoided all of that, only to trip over the stupid boomerang train the next day! I was trying to get over to the other side of the station to put my bag in the bin and I tripped trying to get out of the train. I scraped my elbow and bashed my knee. Stupid Boomerang!

I remember we were riding together. After you fell down, I hurt my ankle on my way back to the seat. You are right, STUPID BOOMERANG!!! Same thing happened in Corkscrew at Cedar Point.

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^Thad, the eye was the visual injury, the fact that I still cannot fully lift my left arm without screaming in pain was the true pain I felt that day.


I'd do it all again in a second. Loved that place so much and it lived up to all the hype I had heard about it.


What's wrong with you? Didn't you also crack a rib on last year's trip?

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That f---in' tunnel... I decide to go down it and see where it ends up and it goes down a small slide about two or three feet, goes straight under the hallway for a good ten feet with being no more than two feet wide and three feet tall clearance, and immediately makes a sharp left turn where it goes off, gets even smaller and goes to who knows where... I had absolutely no room to turn that corner and when it came to coming out the entrance, my sneakers could not grip the floor enough to get myself out of that tunnel and up that drop! It really scared the sh!t out of me!


I somehow made it out of the museum unscathed, but I did almost fall into that pond while getting out of the school bus on the top floor!

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These reports have been great. Thank you for the time you put into them. Its making me want to join one of these trips that I had no idea about until a few months ago. When I was a kid we visited lamberts several times. I don't remember a whole lot except the rolls being thrown. I know I loved it.

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^ I'm happy that you guys like it. It's my first big trip report so I was unsure if I'm on the right track. Also happy to see that you are interested in doing one of those tours. They're really amazing and I'm pretty sure you would love them the same way I did!

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Are you ready for another SIXTASTIC day? If yes, this is the thread to stay, because...


We were hitting Six Flags St. Louis the day after the City Museum craziness, so prepare for some Six Flags moments!


We had an AWESOME program for that day! Six Flags St. Louis gave us ERT on Mr. Freeze (That coaster tried to freeze me every time ), a backstage tour of that AMAZING coaster AND ERT on American Thunder! Isn't that great? The best is, everything happened BEFORE the park opened to the GP! BUT, not only had we those GREAT perks, nope, the park got us to the Boomerang to be FIRST RIDERS of the day! Thank you for that!!! We appreciated it a lot!


After all the security checks and that stuff, we finally got into the park where we were divided into two smaller groups because of the Mr. Freeze backstage tour! I was in the second group, so my first stop was the ERT on American Thunder! A nice little GCI that is fun! After some couple of rides, it was time to head over to Mr.Freeze! That backstage tour was really great! It was nice to here a lot about that coaster and its technical facts! Standing next to the launch track where the GP normally has no access was really fun!


After all the two groups had done their private backstage tour, it was time to ride that freezing coaster! Having several rides on Mr.Freeze was just AMAZING! It's definitely a coaster which I could ride ever and ever again! Thumbs up for that!


Since a boomerang has not the best capacity, the park wanted us to be first riders of the day! That's why they got us there just in time before the park opened its gates for the GP! Great service, thanks!


At the exit of the boomerang, Elissa handed out the Qbots which allowed us to explore the park on our own! We got all the other credits like the Boss (OUCH!), Screamin' Eagle, the Batman clone, the mine train, the Arrow coaster and the Gerstlauer Spinner! Thanks to our Qbots we didn't have any waiting time problems at all! Whenever you have the possibility to get those nice little gadgets, GET them. They're really helpful. We don't have those Qbots here in Germany, except for Heide Park (because it's Merlin), so it's hard to q up in the normal queue now


In the afternoon, we had to leave the park, because we had to get on the road to hell! The Wisconsin Dells were waiting for us and I'm pretty sure ALL of you know what that means!


So, let the photos tell the story! Enjoy your ride!


After ERT, it was time for the... (btw: I ''stole'' this photo from Robb...please forgive me :p)


...ERT on American Thunder!


...it was time for getting frozen!


Oh right! I'm sorry! Let's get some technical details!


This train looks so nice!


TPR members...


...making their way to...


...the launch track!


Do you want to be grilled? :D


Are there any nightmares going on?


Start the engines, because we want to RIDE! :)


Damn! I'm in coaster heaven! Marcel, wake up! The backstage tour is going on!




Do I really want to know where the entrance is? :D


Thank god we were first riders of that day!


Time for some better and...


I love Flash Pass! This invention saves you a LOT of time!


Last but not least: FOOD! See you guys at the Dells!


...worse woodies!


A very UNIQUE flat ride!


Oh no, another Batman clone...(I think there weren't enough Batman clones on the trip :D)


G-Force time!


Congrats for your 100th credit, buddy!


Don't smash on the machine!


Welcome to Six Flags St.Louis!!!


Let's do a QUICK security check and start with...


After American Thunder...


VERY surprised riders!


Welcome back riders! How was your ride??? Robb thinks: Thumbs up!

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That unique flat ride was definitely fun! Weird sensation to be spinning and looking straight down at the ground below.


Your TR is great Marcel! Seriously making me want to turn back time and do it all over again!


Six Flags St Louis definitely had one of my best coaster memories, riding Freeze during ERT about 8 times in a row without getting off and riding with Alexis and Jared and laughing so damn hard! Seriously had never laughed that much in my life with Jared's screams and Alexis' contagious laughing.....I'm laughing right now thinking of it!

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That unique flat ride was definitely fun! Weird sensation to be spinning and looking straight down at the ground below.


Your TR is great Marcel! Seriously making me want to turn back time and do it all over again!


Six Flags St Louis definitely had one of my best coaster memories, riding Freeze during ERT about 8 times in a row without getting off and riding with Alexis and Jared and laughing so damn hard! Seriously had never laughed that much in my life with Jared's screams and Alexis' contagious laughing.....I'm laughing right now thinking of it!


John, I will never forget that day. My head hurt so bad from that fall at City Museum, but I could not stop laughing at Jared (and laughing now!)

I seriously miss you guys. Marcel, love the TR! Can't wait to see more

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Are you guys ready for some really really BAD coastering?


After the SIXtastic day in St. Louis, it was time to go on the road to hell! Yup, I'm talking about the Dells and we all prepared to die there


We arrived at the Dells the night before and went to the park the next morning to get ERT on Hades 360! After we got all our stuff we needed for that day (again, wristbands, meal vouchers and all that stuff), we made our way to that CRAZY coaster. I knew that this coaster was going to be rough (previous trip reports, friends that went on the old Hades and and and) so I prepared for the worst case, BUT it was even worse... I mean, opinions may differ, but Hades 360 was the WORST wooden coaster or even the WORST coaster at all, I have EVER been on. I only have a coaster count of more than 300 coasters, but I'm pretty sure that I can claim that this is a really BAD coaster. Bandit at Movie Park Germany or Anaconda at Walygator Parc France have to feel VERY smooth after that ride I think Hades 360 definitely tried to kill my back and I don't want to know what it would do with your body next year when the track is older...


After one lap at Hades 360 we got the AWESOME message that the park is opening Little Titans for our group ONLY! A LOT of coaster geeks will be jealous now, because it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get that credit even when having a kid! I don't know how to thank Robb&Elissa for having arranged that GREAT surprise or wait...I rode Hades 360 one more time so that Robb had enough coaster footage for that day! Thank you a lot guys!


Mt. Olympus has that CRAZY airtime coaster called Cyclops where only riders older than 18 years are allowed to ride in the back seat! After having ridden that back seat, I TOTALLY understand why! The airtime is INCREDIBLE and probably the CRAZIEST airtime I've ever experienced on a coaster! It's really awesome! You're totally ejected! Hold on tight, please!


There were also three more credits to go... Zeus, Pegasus and Opa. Not as bad as Hades but still not recommendable


The park prepared a private buffet for us, so that we could recover from some bad coasters. Mt. Olympus has also been that day were I started getting that weird TPR bus flu...Not a good timing because I had one and a half week to go!


After lunch we had a couple more hours to explore the park, but we had to leave the park for one more credit in the afternoon...HellCat at Timber Falls!


The park closed that coaster for ERT reasons which was really nice because it was in the middle of the day! Thank you a lot!

That was also the time where some TPR members had drunk too much, because we had to SURVIVE the Dells and after all those bad coasters, there seemed to be no other solution but DRINKING (for some of us) which was really really funny! Nevertheless we behaved, because the park treated us very friendly, so there were no reason to misbehave


After that quick little stop it was time to get back on the road because Six Flags Great America was waiting for us ....AND SOME MORE CREDITS! You're correct, SOME MORE CREDITS! Robb&Elissa surprised us with a stop at Little Amerricka which was INCREDIBLE! We appreciated it a LOT! The park opened the gates for our group ONLY! We totally freaked out, because no one bargained for that! I mean we have already been full packed, so there seemed to be no time for extra credits! That was an AWESOME service and that's what TPR is making so WONDERFUL! Robb&Elissa know how to make their trip participants happy and they have those surprises which BEAT everything! AWESOME service, guys! Keep it up, please!


We got those 4 extra credits (including a Toboggan Coaster!!!) and a dinner! Really awesome! I mean, after the day at the Dells we were ready for some GOOD coasters


After that amazing evening at Little Amerricka, it was time to get on the bus again. As I've already said...Six Flags Great America


With that being said, let the photos tell the story! Oh, and don't forget Advil! You may need it...


Welcome to the Dells!


Wristbands? Check!




Bye Bye Mt. Olympus!!!...


Arriving at Mt. Olympus...I can already feel the pain!




You don't look happy at all! You can return if you want!


Row 6! Restraints problems! HELP!


All clear!


Ready to ride?


I'm really scared!


Okay, let's ride ONE more time just to give Robb enough footage! He deserves it because we could ride Little Titans! :)


Let's leave that beast and get some...


...KIDDY credits!




...Little Titans riders!


Screams of pain!




It's time to q up for...


...credit and...


...waterpark whoring!


Check! This has to be a GREAT coaster!


Time for Theme Park Review's...


LUNCH and more...


I loved the airtime!


Let's take some more photos (just to proof that we have survided the Dells) ...


...and leave that place!!!


Wood Wood Wood!


Tired and exhausted riders! Ready for the wake up call at...


...and WELCOME to Timber Falls!


Yin and I squished...


Such a unique coaster!!!


TPR members taking over the graveyard kiddy coaster!


I'm sooo happy!


Everywhere you looked, people were doing the same..THUMBS UP!


Time to say goodbye to Little Amerricka!


HAPPY TPR members!




...LITTLE AMERRICKA? We're soooo happy for that surprise stop!!!

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Actually I could speak/write in german language with you and it would be a little bit easier to me, Marcel, but I guess it's not allowed here


Ok then... thanks for your nice pics; was really interesting to see it through your german glasses


Glad you enjoyed it

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Little Amerricka was awesome. Their wild mouse was INSANE, especially near the end. I'm not really sure words can do the Toboggan justice. It was...well...yeah.


I also agree about Hades 360. It's probably the worst/roughest coaster I've ever been on. I only went back for a 3rd ride during ERT because of the Little Titans bribery.

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Little Amerricka was an awesome surprise. I just wish I could of taken a photo of Laura the moment she realized we were about to get 4 new credits. Priceless look that I will never forget. TPR + Little Amerricka = Priceless


Also, Hades 360 is the worse coaster I have ever been on.

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Great TR, Marcel! Thank you for reminding me about the pool! Crazy 9ft Wisconsin Giant wave!

Little Amerrica is a HUGE surprise! Especially when their wild mouse throws you up and the kiddie coaster have some airtime hills that actually provide some ejectors!!! And YES, I've ridden a lot of knock-off coasters as rough as the equipments in Saw, Hades360 is one of the worse! Elissa's facial expression can tell. I still admire James that he rode it NINE times in a row! WOW!

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