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Photo TR: Marcel's first TPR adventure and MORE!

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I hope you guys have enjoyed part one of my Silver Dollar City report, because here comes part TWO of that amazing park! I'm not responsible for any side effects that may occur. Those can be getting EXTREMELY hungry or wanting to ride GOOD coasters, so please prepare yourself for not freaking out


Since we had night ERT on Outlaw Run the last night, it was time to do some backstage tours the next day! It was raining and raining and raining but we didn't mind! We had our NICE TPR ponchos and SDC gave some of us free ponchos, too! We were prepared to do some coastering in the rain! I mean, we get soaked on water rides, so there shouldn't be a problem in getting wet during bad weather days! But not only gave us the park those AWESOME perks, nope, they even prepared an AMAZING breakfast for us! Yup, getting ready for a VERY long day! (The park was opened until MIDNIGHT and the weather forecast promised NICE weather! Amazing, isn't it?)


After some very sweet breakfast, we went to Outlaw Run, because Silver Dollar City wanted us to sign the track! That was such a wonderful surprise and I still can't believe that our names are on that track right now, I mean WHEN do you get the chance to sign a roller coaster with YOUR name? It's really not often!!! It's very unique and I think a lot of coaster fans are jealous. Thank you very much SDC!


The Silver Dollar City awesomeness isn't over yet, guys! That was just the beginning! After having signed Outlaw Run it was time for a backstage tour at...Fire in the hole! That was great, too! Looking behind the scenes of such a nostalgic ride was VERY interesting. They told us a lot about the ride and its maintenance issues etc! Very, very interesting!


So, after getting all those information, we were now prepared to get on the rides! We had time to explore the park now! My buddies and me wanted to take it easy and EXPLORE the park by walking around, riding coasters and EATING! We ate SO much stuff there! It was a VERY VERY GOOD time there! We had to stop everywhere because it smelled SO good! You have no other option but trying all the food!


Since the cave was partly flooded because of the heavy rain last night, we only had the chance to see a part of the cave! It would have been interesting to see all the other parts as well but SDC had a lot of other things to explore! So, no problem at all!


The park prepared a lunch buffet for us, so we had to eat again! As I already said, this park is very food orientated! During lunch we thanked the park for welcoming us did some nice little games where you could win some pieces of Outlaw Run's track! ( Not of the real track, but wooden pieces that were used to build the track )


After that amazing lunch program, we had some more time to explore the park and thanks to our punching passes (Silver Dollar City's fast passes), we were able to get some rides on all the coasters and flat rides! I'm pretty sure I forgot a LOT of other stuff we did there, but I hope the following photos will help you to get an impression of our FANTASTIC day at Silver Dollar City! This park ROCKS and I'm totally ready to come back, no matter if there is anything new or not! Thank you very much, guys!


By the way: I saved the best for the last! Some of you might be wondering: Did they eat the cinnamon bread? YES, we did! And it was AMAZING! And now, let the photos rock!


Together we did our own Silver Dollar City buffet!


Big Mike joined us for some days on the Texas/Midwest trip. Nice to meet you!


Sorry guys! Riding two coasters made me hungry!


TPR members taking over the Kiddy Coaster!


The devil has to be somewhere there! But we're not on our way to hell but on our way to coaster heaven, because...


...there is an RMC track!


Wait...those people look like ghosts! Where is the devil?


More RMC awesomeness!


OMG! A crazy German coaster geek just signed Outlaw Run!


More nerd shots!


Nerd shot!


Wait, there's someone new! I think it's the guy smiling to me! It's Big Mike!


Laina listening to some ''Fire in the Hole'' backstage information!


...NO! The only thing you get is some AIR! :)


Wheels! Wheels! Wheels! Can I have one?...


Looks like electricity!


Some people should use a lockout station as well!


I'm ready for some coaster nerd shots!


It's time to ride!


Wildfire is the perfect location to take some...


...group photos! Love is in the air! Lifetime friends!


All my TPR buddies! TPR gave me some wonderful people and...




Passing all those food stands made the others hungry as well!


TPR members looking for more food...Where is the next food stand?


Don't eat it! You will get diabetes! It's the WORLD famous CINNAMON BREAD! YUMMY!


That's why we bought all those different kinds of jerky!


...more food...


...more food...and...


...and even MORE food!




Roxanne found another funnel cake and the others found...


We found some OREO funnel cake!




On our way to the next ride: ''OMG guys! It smells SO good! Let's check it out!''


Roxanne! Stop touching Santa Claus' balls!


Look! That's the way it is allowed to touch him!


But the smell wants me to run to get some food!


Ok guys! We have to stop eating for a little bit. Let's do the cave tour! It will help us losing weight!


It will help us MORE than only losing weight! :D Look at all the stairs!


I think the sun tells us: IT'S TIME FOR LUNCH GUYS!


It's time to stomach all the food! Riding coasters is the best medicine!


Yummy! Yummy!


Our AWESOME Silver Dollar City PRIVATE buffet!




After all that food we should continue riding! All the teachers having a teacup party!


Beautiful sundown! This reminds me of something, because a sundown usually means...


Yes! We did some coastering as well :)


...DINNER TIME! Stop eating the bread dummy, Marcel!


Last photo of the day! A GIANT cookie!

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Cheese-covered chips, those 2 kebabs on the grill, OREO funnel cake (!), 35% off on custom skillets, private TPR buffet....mmmmm.... Silver Dollar City knows how to do it right.


Your food tour coverage I believe, equals the rest of your trip report, lol!

Great start, and looking forward to more (food).

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Wait! Where was this Oreo funnel cake? How did I miss that?


It was somewhere in the Lumbercamp area (Hugo's Hill Street) There were so many food options that I don't remember where we bought it. I think it was Zachary who bought the Oreo funnel cake!

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We missed the Oreo funnel cake too!


I think our group spent more time eating than riding at SDC. There is just somuch food that was all so good!



There was funnel cake, with Oreo's! I don't think I have eaten so much food at theme park as I did here. Skip the rides, the food was amazing.

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Marcel keep going with this tr, bringing back so many awesome memories. Also why can't every park be silver dollar city?


I know, right? What a fantastic park. And it just seems to be getting better and better.

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After that fabulous day at Silver Dollar City, it was time for some other random excitement (you're right, NO coasters today!), BUT that does not mean that it was boring! No, no, no! We're talking about TPR and TPR is all about having FUN! So prepare for some eating, climbing and injuring excitement!


We started our day with some real American food and a very nice food location! Yup, I'm talking about LAMBERT'S CAFÉ!!!

That was a really cool experience! It was not only the food we got, it was more about the WAY we got it! It was amazing to see all the people waving with their hands to get some HOT bread! The waiters threw the bread and you had to catch it! That was really funny! The food was DELICIOUS, for sure! I really liked the atmosphere and it was cool not to eat ANY ''crappy'' park food that day! Very good idea, Robb&Elissa It was really worth waiting more than an hour to be seated! That place seemed to be famous!


Our day was not only reserved for Lambert's Café, nope, it was reserved for a CRAZY adults playground called CITY MUSEUM! YAY! We were prepared for a place where everything could happen! TPR members taking over that place was AWESOME! We had SO much fun and all I can say is: this place is all about EXPLORING! I don't think that words can describe that place because it's CRAZY! That's the only word which describes it the best way, I think! Let me know if you have some other terms describing that incredible place


So, grab your SO MUCH NEEDED TPR first aid kit and take a tour through the City Museum in St. Louis! Oh and don't forget to wear long pants or otherwise it could hurt A LOT!


It's Lambert's Café time! First thing to do: Q up!


That restaurant seems to have a lot of guests!


Throw your hands in the air and start snatching!


BIG drinks!


Cheers to the AWESOME trip!


YUMMY! Food Food Food


Enjoy your tower meal!


OMG! Look at that building! Where are we???


Oh, right! We're at the CITY MUSEUM! Hooray!


After some pizza and some cookies, it was time to explore the City Museum again!


This looks like pain!


OMG! They have a giant play ball pool! I loved it!


This place is amazing! I'm caught in the play ball pool but I don't mind! I'm just having fun!


Crazy people playing in the pool!




Is this the right direction? Help me!!!


Standing at the top!


More tube fun!


Guys, it's so much fun here!


Oh no! Some TPR members got stuck! Not only outside of the City Museum...


...and stories...


I don't want to risk getting stuck, so...


Everyone is laughing, but...


It was all about nice themed halls...


Take those steps and you will explore some CRAZINESS!


Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! I have to go outside, guys!


Oh no! Our first victims!




...after some slide fun, Werner is exhausted! C'mon! We haven't finished yet!


Meanwhile, the others explored the roof!


Step after step please!


Some more meters to go, guys!


C'mon! You're almost here!


Welcome! You guys made it!


TPR members on their way to the top!


Me, taking a ride on the ferris wheel which had...


... a very nice view!


It's time to go down, because they prepared dinner for us!


We took the plane, em I mean the bus to our next stop! Six Flags St. Louis is scheduled for tomorrow!


Every day has to come to an end...It's time to leave that AWESOME place!


...I rather play here!


...Help me!




Some HAPPY TPR members!

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I wonder how many people were injured at the City Museum. Off the top of my head:


Me: Banged my knee into the metal going above the 10 story slide. Got progressively worse each day after that.

Josh: The bloody eye

Ross: Destroyed his ankle in the ball put

Alexis: Pretty sure she had a concussion after the takeover of the skateboarding ramps

Shawn: Arms and legs got torn up (was it on the hamster wheel?)


I'm sure I'm missing about 50 more.

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^Thad, the eye was the visual injury, the fact that I still cannot fully lift my left arm without screaming in pain was the true pain I felt that day.


I'd do it all again in a second. Loved that place so much and it lived up to all the hype I had heard about it.

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^^I avoided all of that, only to trip over the stupid boomerang train the next day! I was trying to get over to the other side of the station to put my bag in the bin and I tripped trying to get out of the train. I scraped my elbow and bashed my knee. Stupid Boomerang!

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I already want to go back to both Lamberts and City Museum.


Same here


I got lucky and only bruised my left knee. I am pretty sure I lost about 5 pounds from sweating though. Of course that was the 5 pounds I gained from eating at Lambert's.

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