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Photo TR: Marcel's first TPR adventure and MORE!

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The next day TPR made its way to Six Flags Over Texas! Yes, you're right! Another Six Flags day! Hooray Since we had already known that Six Flags Over Texas was not interested in giving us any perks at all and the New Texas Giant was down due to an accident... (A BIG thank you to the private trip forums which made organizing random stuff so much easier! I appreciated that service a lot! Awesome communication!), Robb&Elissa tried their best to make this Six Flags day FANTASTIC! They organized an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME emergency plan. We were given the OPTIONAL opportunity to get 3 more credits at the Texas State Fair in Dallas! Isn't that AWESOME??? A credit whore like me was ready to get some more random credits! Yippey!


BUT before we went to the State Fair, there were some more credits to get at that Six Flags park! We had some kind of early entry to the park which was not that much earlier than the GP could enter (I think it was some minutes before?). I don't know what Six Flags thought about doing that, but well it was not too bad! We started our day with some rides on Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast (I LOVED that ride!) and Elissa handed out the Qbots at the exit of that Premier coaster!


Since our Qbot group had to wait for their fourth group member (he has disappeared and we thought he was frozen by Mr. Freeze) we took our chance to play some games with Kristen and get that Kiddy Coaster out of the way! Thanks a lot for riding with us Kristen! Oh and thanks to Elissa who let us crazy coaster geeks ride with her daughter!


After having done some credit whoring, our Qbot member appeared (YES, he was frozen by Mr. Freeze ) we could start getting all the other credits. Extreme heat and riding Titan was really fun! Nice nice helix!


In the afternoon the bus departed for all the crazy credit and flow rider whores who had enough of Six Flags Over Texas. The Texas State Fair was SO MUCH fun! After getting all the credits it was time to relax and do some Flow Rider (YES, after the park closed, we GOT ERT on it!) and some singing contest! There has been a big area with a bunch of microphones and KARAOKE! So much fun The park served us food and drinks as well! Yummy Yummy Yummy!


After all that State Fair AWESOMENESS, it was time for heading back to the Six Flags park where you could get some more rides on your favorite coasters! Sadly the park closed some food booths BEFORE the official park closing so that some of us couldn't use their meal vouchers! Thank you!


At 10 pm we left the park! It was time to rest a little bit!


And now it's time to watch some photos guys!


More smiling TPR members! :)


Six Flags staff checking the restraints...I think in...






They're flying right up to the sky!


Thank god we have Flash Pass today!


Time to get a rest and some LUNCH!


YUMMY! That burger was really good!


No RMC for us today, but we had better things to do...


OMG! TPR members seem to be on a Mission! A mission impossible maybe...


...visiting the TEXAS STATE FAIR! Hooray!!! :)


The ticket that brings you a LOT of FUN!


...watching the skyline of DALLAS, but...


Hey guys! I'm on a 500 foot tall Intamin observation tower...


I should get some credits as well!


They're all credit whores, but...


...REAL credit whores ride the coaster alone!


That Coaster kicked a$$!


Flow Rider ERT!!! Thumbs up!


Elissa could do advertisement for the Flow Rider! Look at the picture in the background!


We made it to Six Flags Over Texas!


After some few AMAZING hours at the State Fair, it was time to head back..Some more credits to go!


Bobsled Coaster!


5...4...3...2...1... it's ALL CLEAR!


AWESOME coaster! Ready for some intense coaster moments?


It got dark here...


I LOVED it! Perfect coaster to end a sixtastic day!


Some more Mr. Freeze please!


Ok guys! Be careful! On the other side of the road, there is SIX FLAGS waiting for us!


We had BIG luck! No accidents before getting to the park!


It's time to get frozen!


Mr. Freeeeeeeze in action!


AWESOME tophat!


That's their mission: Having some FUN!!! Enjoy your ride!


Thumbs up for Kristen, because she's such a sweet child and...


...she rode the Kiddy Coaster with us! :)

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Let's continue barrel rolling our way across the country!


Our next stop was Magic Springs and Crystal Falls! It was the earliest morning during our trip but we all LOVED to get up that early because we wanted to be on time for our AWESOME Outlaw Run Night ERT that day! Loading luggage at 5:45 wasn't bad at all though! But before we got to Silver Dollar City, there were some more credits to get at Magic Springs!


After a 6 hour drive to Arkansas, we had to transfer our luggage between busses before we could hit up the park! We all got our meal vouchers and wristbands and were ready to do some credit run! There was the Maurer X-Coaster, the SLC (ouch!), the woodie, the mine train and the kiddy coaster! Get those credits and some food and leave the park, because we want to go to Missouri! RMC goodness is waiting for us!


After some more hours of driving we finally arrived at Silver Dollar City, the home of the world famous CINNAMON BREAD (YUUUUUMMMMY) and the RMC awesomeness called Outlaw Run! I will tell you guys more about SDC later, but I think teasing you a little bit is fun ...it was AMAZING! In my opinion, it was the park with the best atmosphere on our trip! It was not only about riding coasters, it was more about relaxing, EATING, walking, EATING, relaxing, EATING and have I already mentioned the word EATING? Silver Dollar City loved welcoming us! They really like TPR and all of us felt the same way: WE LOVE SILVER DOLLAR CITY! In case some of the people from SDC reading this report and having participated in organizing those days, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We appreciated all the perks and stuff you gave to us! It was really AMAZING and I'm pretty sure a lot of us will come back!


Our night ERT was really awesome and we enjoyed every single second! I hope you can imagine how great it was! If not, here are some photos!


I love Outlaw Run! Thumbs up!


Long long q...


Nice looking trains!


Good night Outlaw Run! See you tomorrow morning!


Yes, we're ready for ERT!!!


First checking all the restraints...


...and then HAVING FUN!!!


Happy happy riders!


TPR members transferring their luggage and getting ready for Magic Springs!


Hey guys! There is a water park for all the water park credit whores :)


...MEAL vouchers! I'm getting hungry!


YAY! We got a free cup and...


Welcome to Magic Springs! Let the credit run begin!


On our way to the credits we passed the water park with a...


FLOW RIDER, but there is no time for it, because we have to do some...


...credit whoring!


YAY! No q! There could not have been a better start for our credit run! :)


Yo guys! Get out of the mine train! Silver Dollar City is waiting!!!


Look! There's another credit which...


...tries to kill you...


Look at all those crazy head banging elements!


This ride was only testing, but we didn't mind, because there was a..


Another crazy ride!


...but this was the bad part of the ride! :D


Looks like it could be fun...


We got NICE presents!


Here we go! Arriving at Silver Dollar City!


Robb giving us instructions! Thank you :)


Thank god we have ERT on it tonight, but we should q up! Just in case...


Thumbs up! Everyone is allowed to ride!


...kiddy coaster!

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I think I'm lucky when it comes to SLC's. My torso is long, so my head sits higher than the harness. I rarely have any headbanging. I didn't even have a problem with the one at Magic Springs. Of course, I'd trade the headbanging on an SLC if it meant that my shins didn't get destroyed on Outlaw Run!


Another great report! I'm glad we were able to stop by Magic Springs, it was a nice little park. X Coaster was pretty crazy as well!

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The X Coaster was definitely crazy and I'm glad I got the chance to ride it, and it was great that the park was so welcoming to us. I'm not sure I would have ever gotten to Arkansas on my own, so it was definitely a great stop.

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I enjoyed the park and finally getting to ride an X-Car coaster, except for when TP Dave smacked me in the nose while riding it... ouch. Their water park looked pretty nice and I wouldn't mind going back to check it out. Another great update Marcel.

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Another great report! I'm glad we were able to stop by Magic Springs, it was a nice little park. X Coaster was pretty crazy as well!


I enjoyed the park and finally getting to ride an X-Car coaster, except for when TP Dave smacked me in the nose while riding it... ouch. Their water park looked pretty nice and I wouldn't mind going back to check it out. Another great update Marcel.


Thank you guys


The X Coaster was definitely crazy and I'm glad I got the chance to ride it, and it was great that the park was so welcoming to us. I'm not sure I would have ever gotten to Arkansas on my own, so it was definitely a great stop.


Exactly! The park was very welcoming I also think I would not have come to Arkansas if there were not an amusement park

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^Shockwave has been closed most of the 2013 season. Go Six Flags!


Did it open at all?


Sometime in June one of the trains threw a wheel or a wheel assembly broke or something similar. No one was hurt, but the train scarred a section of the track and they had to close the ride and order some new track.



By the way, awesome trip report Marcel! I love seeing all of these pictures and reliving the trip, please keep them coming.



These trips always turn out to be a battle between me and my Camera, which means that I go in intending to take plenty of photos and then forget I have my camera because I'm having so much fun. Which means my camera only comes out when I remember I have it. So when I get back usually have a bunch of photos I took of waiting in line at parks and of backstage tours and it is almost guaranteed that the more I liked the park the less photos I have of my day there.

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