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  1. Great trip report Yin! It's fun reliving all the memories...keep em coming
  2. John, I will never forget that day. My head hurt so bad from that fall at City Museum, but I could not stop laughing at Jared (and laughing now!) I seriously miss you guys. Marcel, love the TR! Can't wait to see more
  3. Great photo TR Marcel! Bringing back so many fun memories; can't wait to see more. And yes, those curly braids can withstand anything...still have them in
  4. That is one scary coaster, I would lose my mind in that front seat! Looks like so much fun...must get to Taiwan.
  5. Thanks for the tip! We'll definitely try to check that out! And when you're in the park, don't forget to go to the Potato Patch. They make all their potatoey products right there, including cheesy bacon fries *drool* Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the tip! We'll definitely try to check that out!
  7. So far, all three of mine are/ were at SFMM, but I am sure that will change after the midwest tour: Deja Vu- not sure where it is now, but I was shaking after getting off that ride. Loved every minute; sad to see it leave the park. X2- gets me every time. Lex Luthor Drop of Doom- 405 ft free fall...lost my mind. One time only ride for me
  8. I really love this ride at SFMM. I'm the freaked out one in the plaid
  9. Ha. Win! ^^I'd like to know what disability, too. It's sad that this is going on, and I'm glad Disney is going to crack down on this practice.
  10. Thanks for the update and the pics. Can't wait to try this place out.
  11. IT DUELS TOO!!! Sweet! Totally geeking out about the Smiler; can't wait to get to England and ride it!
  12. Great pics! Man that Alpine coaster looks like a blast. Must visit this park someday
  13. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the one with the flowers in the foreground. Thanks for posting all of these; visiting in August for the first time. Can not wait
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