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15 "Wacky Roller Coasters!"

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Hey everyone!


Travel Channel has published another one of my blog articles, this time about the world's "wackiest" roller coasters! This is about some of the most interesting and strange roller coasters in the world.


We'd really appreciate all of you clicking the link, and clicking that Facebook LIKE button you are on the first photo! (Feel free to tweet the link also!)


Thank you!



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Wow, what a collection of coasters... And also some from Germany...

I ever thought, that the "weirdest" coasters are from Asia.

Euro Mir in Europa Park is amazing to ride. OK the brakes in the end

are pretty rough and I often had a blue stain after riding, but that doesn't matter.

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"Oh Wow, look at all them crazy coasters!"


I did get to ride Maximum RPM at Hard Rock Park and The Lost Coaster at Indiana Beach. The others that were shown I might not get a chance to ride unless they come here to the USA.


I remember riding a coaster called "Mad Mouse" that began with two drops and had lots of twists and turns at some park called Frontier Land, located near Cherokee, North Carolina. I thought that coaster was wacky.


And come to think of it, I did ride the Wacky Worm at Jolly Rogers Park in Ocean City, Maryland. The wacky part about that ride was I had to wait after the ride went throught its cycle three times before I was able to get on, even though I was in line. There were two little girls that were riding and everytime the ride was over, the ride attendant would asked them if they would like to ride it again. They would say "YES!" After the third time, I finally step in and asked the ride attendant when can I finally ride? The ride attendant was shocked; he thought I was the father of those two little girls and was just standing to keep watch over them, instead of just being an unrelated person who was waiting patiently to ride the Wacky Worm. The girls' mothers were nearby, keeping watch over them.


I wasn't afterwards; instead, I was !!!

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^And the Euro Mir music will rund thorugh your head for days after you ride it.


Crap!, Thanks a lot Chuck!




And I have the coaster's theme song CD soundtrack!

Project Euro MIR

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Tweet the link to Robb Alvey's "Wacky Roller Coasters" blog article on Travel Channel and you might win a Bag-O-Crap! Be sure to include @ThemeParkReview and @TravelChannel in your tweet! Here's the link: http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/outdoors-and-adventure/photos/15-wacky-roller-coasters


PS. Be sure to include something like "Check out this cool blog article..." or something.

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I have never seen the ToT is South Africa before! Who is the manufacturer? Is it like a 1st Gen Intamin drop ride like Demon Drop?

It's pretty much a home-made/made in house eurofighter. Pretty sure tge park built it.

It's had a few different people "attached" to it, like Giovanola and Bussnik rides. I'm sure the engineering and construction was sub-contracted out.

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