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Photo TR: Chuck Finally Returns to Japan with TPR


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The woman in this photo looks like she isn't too happy you are taking the photo, at all, lol.


Great stuff, Chuck.


Are you doing the "Wierd Japan Tour" next spring? (curious)


Uh - you talkin' to me?

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Chapter 11

And, Thus, the Circle Is Complete: Back to Tokyo DisneySea


Those of you following this trip report--for which you have my thanks for your 1) your enjoyment and 2) your patience--may be feeling an odd sensation at the moment. Perhaps your extremities are tingling, your breath is short, and your heart is racing . . . well, that means you're either having a heart attack or falling in love, neither of which have much to do with this report. Yes, I bear absolutely no liability for what you may be experiencing along those lines.


No, I was referring to a feeling of deja vu--that is, the feeling you've been somewhere before. And, in this case, you have. We are where this whole thing started, at the greatest theme park in the world, Tokyo DisneySea.


What else can I say about DisneySea here that will neither try your patience nor repeat what many others have said? DisneySea is a park meant to inspire awe--especially in park enthusiasts who understand the we do not live by coaster credits alone. It is park to be savored, looked at, explored, and enjoyed multiple times.


So, what are we waiting for?


Hmm--my feelings of deju vu didn't include rain. But it hardly washed out the day, although Fantasmic was cancelled that night.


Would it be a Disney park without Mickey and Minnie working the crowd?


I'd like to check the Hotel Mira Costa out some day. Maybe it I start by selling what's left of my hair, or perhaps a kidney.


If this sight doesn't blow you away, you're already dead. Sorry to break it to you.


Dry rocks are happy rocks.


Anyone up for a little breakfast popcorn? Black pepper is great, and it works well on scrambled eggs, too.


The park is just one photo op after another . . .


. . . but this is my favorite part: The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo (or "Vulcania").


Still feeling a bit damp? Nemo has an answer for that.


Here's the dynamo, but where's the virgin? (Ha! That was for all the Henry Adams fans out there. Oh, come on, there must be a few. Remember? His famous essay, "The Dynamo and Virgin," which was inspired by his visit to the Chicago World's Fair . . . OK, I hear the crickets chirping now.)


Well, who needs a freakin' essay when you got steamed gyoza? That Nemo sure knew how to live.


Of course, the fried version with a frozen Kirin isn't too shabby, either. Now this is a breakfast of champions.


"Caw! Caw! Someone toss me a gyoza! Caw, caw!"


This is, indeed, a park of contrasts . . .


. . . yet somehow, everything fits together perfectly.


Well, I left my rod and reel back at the Hilton, anyway.


We took Jon here after our dinner at the Sapporo Bier Garten. It really seemed to do him some good.


One can never get enough of the Tower of Terror.


Hey, Mr. Hightower--how'd that work out for you?


Not too well, it would seem.


Although it isn't as great a ride as the other ToTs, this is the best-themed version.


It's very important to keep track of this stuff. You wouldn't want to over-bribe someone.


Yes, this is much cooler than the boiler rooms of the other towers.


Even the gift shop has interesting theming; it used to be the hotel's "indoor pool."


As you can tell from the murals, Mr. Hightower had a rather high opinion of himself.


They didn't miss a trick here.


This is the Japanese sign for "no," although it might make some of you former theme-park employees want to cross over something. More to come.

Edited by cfc
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^ Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!


Everyone survived their encounter with Shiriki Untundu in the Tower of Terror? Good. Let's move on.


Shiriki says to stop by anytime--anytime you want to die!


Many quaint New England towns have volcanoes, you know. It's all a government conspiracy.


I would love to see Bruce the Shark in here, wouldn't you?


From Cape Cod to the jungles of Central and South America in just a few steps.


Anyone for "Good Indy"? Well, let's say "Much Better than the Fourth Movie Indy." ;)


Not too sure about that wiring there . . . of course, it's just theming. At a Chinese park, it would be actual, everyday wiring.


Although it doesn't have the interactive elements you find in the California version, this is one great-looking queue.


Hmm--looks like someone had a few too many teriyaki pork tacos.


Boogie, boogie, boogie!


Thanks, Paco. You're a pal.


There is one thing that already makes Raging Spirits superior to the Indy coaster in Paris.


That thing is fire.


But even without flames, this is a much better ride than its French cousin.


Yes, the Japanese knew what had to be done with an old Pinfari design to make it more rideable. Completely rebuild it!


Of course, mist doesn't hurt, either.


For some, the experience is just too much.


Let's see what's cooking in the Nautilus galley, eh?


Hmm--all that Jules Verneish equipment . . .


. . . just to make this tasty lunch.


I agree with Robb: Aquatopia is the greatest pointless ride ever made.


Have you ever spent any time on the ship?


If not, you should at least check out this great bar.


I fully expect to see Teddy Roosevelt walking around, slapping people on the back.


I guess I'll just have to settle for tpdave.


Hmm--what to order? Perhaps a civilized gin and tonic to stave off malaria?


Oh, dear. Looks like we'll have to take Jon back to the mission again.


Based on what I know about Teddy Roosevelt, it wouldn't surprise me if he killed this tiger himself and turned its head into a wall sconce.


Let's amble around on deck.


Seems calm enough off to starboard . . .


. . . but it's looking a bit rough port side.


OK, how do they sail this big ship outta here, anyway?


Time to disembark.


I agree with Bill--this is one of the best-themed bathrooms anywhere.


"That bird dishonored my venerable ancestor's grave! I kill it good!" More to come.

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You know, I wish I had some gyoza too, right now. Oh well . . .


I missed out on gondolas again this time--but I am going to check out that castle.


But first, let's stop to read the inspiring words of some underling on Michael Eisner's staff.


There's all sorts of cool stuff in the Explorers Society castle, such as these remote-control ships. It's the Tom Sawyer's Island of TDS, only without pirates. Although, if you think about it, it would make more sense for DisneySea, rather than Tom Sawyer's Island, to have pirates.


I did not take a flash picture of this sign.


See that little ship? It sits on a periscope.


A bunch of mirrors in the scope reflect images onto this pad in the room. Cool, eh?


Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?


There's a nifty interactive planetarium, too.


Oh, looks like they have some sort of plan for controlling the volcano . . .


. . . which obviously didn't work! Oh, crap!


Dave, Jon, and a cannon--nothing good will come of this.


Boom! Just took out room 412 of the Mira Costa! This is not good!


Maybe we can hide from the authorities by fleeing to the center of the Earth . . .


. . . or by just stowing away on the Nautilus.


Crap! King Triton is on to us!


Under the sea, no one can hear you scream. Because if you screamed, you'd drown.


What? Ride this again?


Well, if we must . . . ;)


Dinner at the Italian restaurant in Mediterranean Harbor was pretty good--especially the tiramisu cake.


Sigh! Soon we must leave.


How about another lap around the park.


I love how the Hotel Hightower dominates the skyline--but I think ol' Harrison was probably compensating for some personal shortcoming when he built it.


Captain Nemo is probably smoking one of his seaweed cigars and playing Bach on his pipe organ.


Sigh! I miss Mysterious Island.


Let's take one more look at Lost River Delta . . .


. . . and one more ride on Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull.


Yeah, the ride just craps all over the movie.


Yep--just can't get enough of this skyline.


Good night, Shiriki! Have fun torturing Mr. Hightower in Hell.


Good night, Toyville.


And a very good night to you, Mt. Prometheus. Thanks for not blowing us all up.


Well, I have a plane to catch. Goodbye, Tokyo DisneySea! And thanks for reading, everybody!

Edited by cfc
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There is no such thing as "too many pictures of" Disney Sea.


Some really beautiful shots you took there Chuck,

especially some of the night ones.

I definitely loved that overhead shot of Nautilus,

with the underwater lights around it.


Great TR Chuck! Thanks for sharing all of what

you saw and did.


But - no souvenirs?

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This was a fun TR to put together, and I am a bit sad that it's finished. As for souvenirs, I don't go quite as "souvenir happy" as some people I know--right, Bill? But I did purchase this.


He'll be hanging from my Christmas tree this year, too. (I should really dust off that shelf.)

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^^ Great! Good buy, Chuck. One of the best souvenirs, in that gift shop, I ever found.

I got that little statue during the 2011 visit there.And I noticed on this tour t

hey were still stocking it in the ToT gift shop. So, I got the t-shirt, pen, and

small figure on a chain, instead.


(Coming up in my SOUVENIRS Haul post, natch. )

Edited by Nrthwnd
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Fantastic report Chuck. Really had a blast those few days wandering around TDR. DisneySea really is an awesome place to just wander around and take in all the small details. I'm glad I had the bonus day to whizz round and ride all the main attractions for the first time and then could relax and enjoy it on subsequent days and explore everything that was on offer. I'm sure there is a ton more to see and do though!

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This was a fun TR to put together, and I am a bit sad that it's finished. As for souvenirs, I don't go quite as "souvenir happy" as some people I know--right, Bill? But I did purchase this.



I love my Shiriki Bobble-head. So glad I bought one. I can just imagine Shiriki taking over the world thanks to TPR enjoying Japan so much and telling everyone to go!

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