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Photo TR: Chuck Finally Returns to Japan with TPR


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^Yep--they let us stick together. But it was odd how you had to sit through a "safety" briefing and a "pre-show" in two separate rooms. I think it would speed things up a bit if they combined the two processes.

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What confused me in the Haunted Hospital was they briefed us on safety and rules in the first room, and then did the pre show in the second room and went over safety for a second time.


oh and not forgetting about having the remove shoes in order to ride Eejanaika and having to remove my well secured watch, only to place it into a locker which is locked by a solid metal key which is worn on a flimsy and loose thin band around my wrist which has no chance at all of flying off and injuring someone unlike my totally secured watch, on Takabisha!


Loved the report from your day at Fuji, Chuck.

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They made me go back to the fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo to put a KLEENEX in! Seriously!


I still can't believe Neil did the whole Haunted Hospital! Good job!


And great Photo TR, as always, Chuck!


I am also part of the fuji-q kleenex club, the japanese riders were not impressed that I had to put it in a locker, Seriously i'd have been happier just to put it in a trash can but no I had to go find my locker.

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oh and not forgetting about having the remove shoes in order to ride Eejanaika and having to remove my well secured watch, only to place it into a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo which is locked by a solid metal key which is worn on a flimsy and loose thin band around my wrist which has no chance at all of flying off and injuring someone unlike my totally secured watch, on Takabisha!



Oh, yes, I'd forgotten about that little example of Fuji Q's bizarre operations. Although providing the lockable containers in the station is a good idea (they did this at Cosmoworld for Vanish, too), the restrictions against wristwatches made zero sense.

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You make this park look OK Chuck (maybe by focussing on Thomas Town quite a bit!). At least I got the two credits that I needed, but some of the operations were so frustrating to witness!


Where's your awesome picture of you guys standing next to the op with the 'closed for rain' sign where you can see her shadow because it was bright and sunny out!?!?


That photo and the "Take off your wristwatch, put it in a locker, and put a loose key around your wrist instead" are two prime examples of FujiQ's quest to be the SFMM of Japan!

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It was nice to have a relatively "laid back" day at Fuji Q, but it's still not a park I would recommend to anyone, unless they were diehard credit whores--and then only if they were willing to spring for the passes.

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It's always a bit sad and hilarious to hear about the crazy ops stories of Fuji Q. I'll count my trip there way back when as a blessing since I didn't experience any of the ridiculous procedures everyone refers to.


Glad everyone managed to get all their credits in and have a decent day.

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It was nice to have a relatively "laid back" day at Fuji Q, but it's still not a park I would recommend to anyone, unless they were diehard credit whores--and then only if they were willing to spring for the passes.


Or in my case just morbid curiosity to see how much the stories hold true..... so much so that an ATM ate my debit card so I had to have the full no fast pass experience of fuji-q.

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To give Fuji Q a credit, Dodonpa is a cracking ride. The launch is epic and the top hat is just out-of-your-seat insane! Takabisha is a nice addition to the park, good length too, and Eejanaika is still rather unique among coasters and they can make a good change from standard coasters (even if they are not the smoothest of rides.).


But overall, It's 100% the staff, operations and weird non consistent rules that make Fuji Q an annoying park to visit, rather than the ride selection.


Wondering who has the photo of the fastpass sign with all the coaster logos crossed out due to Elissa buying them all! How many did you end up buying that day?

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Elissa and Robb did a crazy good job of keeping us on track that day... turned out to be awesome.


I loved takabisha and the haunted hospital..... Eejanika, on the other hand, should be turn down. I had shaken baby syndrome after.



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^ Yeah, it did me in too, after that interminable 3+ hour wait we had to endure.

So I passed on this tour, no brainer.


I actually hesitated on the X4 in China we ERT-d on, in that Dinosaur Park. (?)

But then, I got challenged on my age - so I grrred and got on it - and I

still don't like the things, lol.

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Chapter 10

How to Purge Your Soul of Fuji Q: Tokyo Disneyland


When I returned to the Hilton that night, I reeked of Fuji Q. Yes, I could smell it on my clothes, and it emanated out of my pores, leaving a cloud of funk behind me as I made my way through the lobby to the elevators. Other guests shunned me--unless they, too, had been to Fuji Q.


And that was after a good day there.


OK, I exaggerate. A bit.


I spent a nice evening Ikspiari with Aussie Steve, Priscilla, Robert, Neil, and Virginia Beach Steve in search of food--a very nice meal at a pork-cutlet joint. The Fuji Q curse was nearly purged from our souls. Only one more step before total purity was achieved . . . Tokyo Disneyland.


TDL is California Disneyland on steroids, overlaid with Florida's Magic Kingdom. Yes, it is sort of "Disney's Greatest Hits," and borrows from both the U.S. parks--for example, California's version of Pirates of the Caribbean and Florida's version of the Jungle Cruise. But there are a number of things unique to this park, such as the Monsters Inc. ride and, of course, Pooh's Hunny Hunt--the amazing trackless dark ride that even rabid Pooh haters love. Another interesting difference is the train ride. Here, it has only one station and just makes a circuit around Adventureland and Westernland--with a touch of the Primeval world along the way, from what I understand. Why only one stop? Because if it made multiple stops, it would be taxed under Japanese law as a form of "transportation." (I'm still kicking myself for missing this ride yet again--never rode it in 2007, either.)


Well, let's just go in, shall we?


This is not Fuji Q; soon, its shadow shall be driven from my soul.


Dinner at Ikspiari, anyone?


OK, who wants a pork cutlet? That’s good, because we’re in a pork-cutlet restaurant.


Back to the Hilton, which this hotel is not. That is, not the Hilton.


It’s hard to believe that Tokyo Disneyland has been here 30 years. My Mom visited the park as part of a tour of Japan back in the 1980s.


Welcome to the International Bazaar, the only Disney “Main Street” with a roof.


Guests were supposed to post their wishes for the year on this tower. Based on recent park announcements, I’m betting that many of these wishes involved RMC.


Am I in Japan or Florida? The former would be awesome, but the latter would be very nice, too. ;)


Yes, it’s only about four hours until the first parade--reserve your space now to avoid disappointment.


Most people believe that this ride is about Pooh looking for “hunny.” In reality, it’s all about helping Pooh to overcome his addiction to “H.”


This garden was installed to provide a healthy environment for Pooh’s rehab. It didn’t work.


This is Pooh’s personal map of places where he can score H. Notice the prominence of "the Sticky Place." It's where all the H fiends hang out.


Pooh’s eating disorder is related to H and marijuana, which he smokes to “mellow out” with Eyore.


Rabbit decides that "tough love" is necessary to save Pooh from himself. But does this sexual humiliation go too far?


Piglet provides corporal punishment. Pooh rather enjoys it.


At last, Pooh hits bottom. But is he truly cured? Rumor has it that he's back at "the Sticky Place."


Now there’s a duck who knows how to kick back and enjoy life. Why? Because he makes a fortune supplying Pooh with H!


This fountain makes random flatulent noises. At least, I hope it was the fountain.


Toontown was fraught with peril. Fortunately, my catlike reflexes saved me.


Dan was not so lucky.


Nor was KT.


Wet with the blood of flattened guests, no doubt! Beware of falling safes and pianos in Toontown!


Oh, boy! I love Space Mountain!


Lets queue up . . . oh, crap, that's right.


We substituted popcorn experimentation to make up for the loss of Space Mountain.


Tokyo Disneyland now has the new version of Star Tours. Looks like it’s a hit.


Soylent Green is people! More to come.

Edited by cfc
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I hope the sight of the Little Green Dumplings didn't disturb you. I'm compensating by showing you photos of rodent-shaped waffles next.


Although this looks like a Mickey waffle, it is, in fact, an enormous communion wafer. This lady cranks them out by the dozens.


The body and blood of Mickey. (If Mickey were to eat one of these waffles, would that constitute ritual cannibalism?)


Now, most of the group disliked this popcorn, but I thought it was OK. Not as good as curry, though.


These people appear to be waiting for something--perhaps a parade? It remains a puzzlement.


Robb and Jon wax nostalgic about the old days working at California Disneyland.


I don’t think Robb and Jon dished out pork-and-stir-fried-noodle crepes at California DL, though.


“So, ye be seekin’pork-and-stir-fried-noodle crepes, eh? Well, ye come to the proper place.”


“Arr! These pork-and-stir-fried-noodle crepes be cursed, sez I!”

"Dea-d-d-d-d Men-n-n-n eat no-o-o-o crepes!"


“Oh, man, this is gonna look bad on my employee evaluation! I suck at docking boats.”


Although Jungle Cruise is always fun anywhere, unlike Jaws, it is not improved by being in Japanese.


“Here they come--start flingin’ those feces!”


Remember: We must do all we can to save the animatronic hippos. Here we observe these adorable creature as they engage in a courtship ritual . . .




OK, I’ve calmed down. Please help save the animatronic hippos, as local businesses depend on the tourism they generate.


Japan’s Haunted Mansion, which is located in Fantasyland, is a bit “old school” compared to the ones in the U.S.


“For the love of god, Montressor!”


“‘Yes,’ I said. ‘For the love of god.’”


Robb takes pictures for money. All proceeds go to saving the animatronic hippos.


“We are waiting for you, Angus McNasty.”


She burst into flames as soon as she entered the Haunted Mansion.


I wonder if he aged well?


Apparently not.


Must be the maid’s century off.


Look! There’s a juice bar down here!


Sheesh! This is one tough juice bar to find.


“There ain’t no juice bar in here, feller. You’re welcome to share this dead rat I’m a sittin’ on, though. It's kinda juicy."


Damn! Forgot to reserve my spot for the parade again. They only have them every ten minutes or so.


Hipster Ben Franklin in Japan? Well, why not.


Soylent White is Mickey! Still more to come.

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Best get a move on--we gotta grab some yakitori, then be back by dark. And Tokyo Disneyland really looks great after dark.


Tokyo Disneyland is a park designed to handle huge crowds--and it often does.


We finally got around to Monsters Inc. I liked this ride quite a bit. It's not as good as Pooh's Hunny Hunt, but it'll do.


This reminds me of the murals that used to line the entrance of Tomorrowland in California--that “Mary Blair” look.


Crap! I’m supposed to check in for a job interview, but the receptionist is on break.


“Something snarky in Japanese.”


The ride vehicles look like golf carts to me.


Meanwhile, back in Tokyo, the annual baby-wrestling championships are in full swing.


Robb says there’s a yakitori bar around here somewhere.


And he spoke right and true! When it comes to coasters and yakitori, Robb knows his stuff.


Bring on the meat on sticks.


Now that is an interesting way to rig a toilet.


It’s an election year. What’s the Japanese character for “BS”?


“You ate the yakitori, yet I am the one who is constipated. Most illogical.”


How about an evening at TDL?


Look at all that 30th-anniversary bling.


Yep--the castle is all tarted up for a party.


The Fantasyland side of the castle is bit more subdued and classy.


OK, this is closed. But it does look nice.


But this is open--and it isn't quite as nice looking after dark.


OK, I know these are “evil” robots and all, but that’s a low blow.


“Remember, cadets: when it doubt, go for the family jewels!”


Star Tours is a great ride after dark. (Well, the outside looks nice, anyway.)


“Admiral Ackbar Cereal: Your taste buds cannot handle flavor of this magnitude!”


“Oh, dear. This whole ride is just an excuse to sell Admiral Ackbar Cereal.”


Hitchhiking droid panhandlers were a serious problem long ago in a galaxy far, far away. And they love Admiral Ackbar Cereal!


“One second, while I take an embarrassing thermal image of your naked body. I love my job!”


"Welcome to Star Tours, which is brought to you by the makers of Admiral Ackbar Cereal--both original and ewok flavored.


It’s getting late, but Monsters Inc. still has a pretty long line.


Happy Anniversary, Tokyo Disney castle.


It’s difficult to leave.


Still, there is DisneySea tomorrow.


Enjoy your “Happiness Year” Tokyo Disneyland. That's all for now.

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