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IMPORTANT QUESTION! Please Read and Respond!

Would you attend a TPR "Bash" event during the week?  

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  1. 1. Would you attend a TPR "Bash" event during the week?

    • Yes - As long as it's a park I'm interested in, doesn't matter what the day is - I'm THERE!
    • No - I can really only do events on the weekends

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Lots have already said it, so I won't add to the noise any more than is necessary to support the point: midweek is fine, in fact if anything it's preferable for one reason above all others: smaller crowds, especially in the non-Summer months. Before joining TPR, my friends and I would almost always go to the park (any) during the week for exactly that reason. You can just slowly lope around the park and still make on everything you want to.

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If it's during the summer when I don't have school, then weekdays are more free for me, but I might be getting a job that's M-F this summer.


Basically I'd prefer weekends but if there was a bash event near me that I wanted to go to during the week, I'd do whatever I could to be there.

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I voted "No," but that's generally speaking - it really depends. Working a nine-to-five job with limited days off, the weekends work better for my schedule right now. A weekday event would be difficult for me to pull off, but maybe not impossible. If there were an Outlaw Run Bash during the week, I might try to find a way to make it happen.


My thoughts exactly.

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I would LUV to attend a TPR event , however my work schedule changes drastically week to week (e.i. --- The Jax trip I worked Sat/Sun ....week before/after..... no...yikes.....


I also have wonderful donkey ICON, but I cannot the picture small enough.... Keep up the Good Work Robb and TPR, ( i have a season pass to Busch Gardens - Tampa), maybe see you all then



Erica....in Boring New Port Richey, FL

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Weekends work best. I wish it was easy for me to take a day off during the week but not in my line of work. Weekends are guaranteed. It would be awesome to do a Bash event during the week because of lower park attendance but that's the only upside I see to it.

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I work the typical M-F 9-6 job, so therefore I would prefer a weekend bash event over one taking place during the week, unless I happen to be on vacation. A weekend scheduled event would make it so that I don't have to feel guilty for requesting time off. I am on the Texas-Midwest Trip, so I'm not sure if this would directly apply to me, then again I'm assuming the bash events would take place during a tour. Obviously that might not always be the case, haha.

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