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  1. Signed and Looking forward to any added Orlando Attractions, Moving Back to Orlando next year (from Tampa Bay).
  2. 1) DVD and Blu-Ray 2) Hulu - the free version 3) 5-10 and an occasional box set 4) What??, is that some new-fangled technology ?? 5) You Tube for music videos/ RCT ~ TPR videos/ and videos of shows not available any where else (EX. "Blackpool from BBC)
  3. I would LUV to attend a TPR event , however my work schedule changes drastically week to week (e.i. --- The Jax trip I worked Sat/Sun ....week before/after..... no...yikes..... I also have wonderful donkey ICON, but I cannot the picture small enough.... Keep up the Good Work Robb and TPR, ( i have a season pass to Busch Gardens - Tampa), maybe see you all then Erica....in Boring New Port Richey, FL
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - especially the last 2 seasons ~~ 6 and 7
  5. Thank you Robb ,for adding me to the Theme Park Review crew. ......Barbi Gifford
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