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  1. How many DVDs or Blu-Rays do you purchase each year? Blu-Rays 5-10 How many digital downloads do you purchase each year? 10-20 How do you purchase digital downloads? (iTunes, Stream, etc) Itunes Do you download directly from iTunes to your device, or iTunes to your computer, and then transfer to your device? To my computer Is a 1.5gb - 2 gb file "too big" for you to download to your device? Yes, I try to keep below 1 gb. I have an Apple TV and anything over a gb takes a long time to download to that device. So I try to keep it about the 750 area.
  2. Yes, given enough time to be able to request a day off. I would kind of prefer it, nice little vacation
  3. I too can't sleep, but this is my first event so I really have no idea what to expect.
  4. Didn't realize the behind the stage tour at Knotts was a first come first serve event. In years past, how quickly do the tickets get picked up?
  5. I'm not bringing anybody either, going solo. ERT sounds awesome, I really can't wait for this event. Thanks for the info guys.
  6. I'm new with this whole ERT thing. Can someone verify that I'm thinking correctly: The park opens an hour and a half early with select rides open, and we get to ride them as much as we possibly can? Is this correct? If it is, IT IS TOTALLY BLOWING MY MIND!!
  7. I was planning on paying for parking. Free would be awesome. Can't wait to hear.
  8. I was planning on leaving my D60 and flip camera at home, are we able to bring them with us on these tours? That would be really awesome. If not, I'm leaving them home and going to ride, ride, ride.
  9. It's been a very long time since I've been to Knott's. I think the last time there was a dinosaur ride? Is that even true? Can't wait, memories might overwhelm me as I walk through the gates.
  10. Doug from the Season Pass just sent me an email saying this was coming up. Holy smokes!! Wife approval, check, money, check, now I just have to find a way to get out of work on that Saturday. If I can get it to work out, I'll be a loaner and probably be very quiet, but as soon as I get comfortable...you have been warned. Great event, hope I can make it.
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