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  1. 1. IN Theaters . Then streaming. 2. Netflix, Amazon, Vudu. 3 20 to 30 Blu ray or DVD depends on content. 4 Roku Smart TV. 5 Only watch U tube rarely. Connect from TPR links.
  2. I like option 1. I could live with either. The look of option 1 is cleaner and you see more of the page at once. I don't use twitter but I think it's great for those who do, and you will see them as they come in. Happy new year to all.
  3. Hi . Being retired weekdays or weekends if I want to visit that park I'll be there.. Only question now is .How expensive is the airfare to get there. They are so much higher this year.
  4. Barcelona and Blackpool have great views to, but probably not better
  5. I've signed up for CFK at Knotts. Most of my friends think I'm nuts .Most of them think I'm nuts anyway! This will be my first time doing this so it will be interesting to see how I hold up ( glad it's Jaguar ) I think Ghostrider would kill me quickly so I'm gratefull they choose somthing a little on the milder side. If anyone would like to donate mt address is...http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/JBS/KnottsBerryFarm I am planning on attending the TPR bash in Sept at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens. If anyone is looking to share hotels I have rooms booked. So let me know. JBS43
  6. Can't wait ! I've all ready booked my hotel and air.If anyone is interested in sharing let me know.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I worked in sales with 4 Lines ( Holland America--Pearl--Ocean-- Dolphin ) the last three no longer sailing,older ships that would have cost to much to upgrade to the new US safety standards even though some of the ships are still sailing out of other ports with new names. I still go on 3 to 4 cruises a year but only when the price is right. I know the biz in and out as I had my own cruise agency for a few years, still going but no longer part of it. If you have any questions fire away.
  8. Hi my name is John Smith. (yes I know) I'm a longtime coaster fan since my first ride on the Bobs coaster at Belle-View park in Manchester in the north of England. Both the ride and the park are long gone, closed in the mid 60s I think. I came to the US in 1965 to bum my way around and see the country, I loved it here and very quickly decided to stay. Became a US citizen in 2008 and I am now retired after 35 years working for the airlines and then various cruise lines. I'm now 66 and while all my friends think I'm crazy my greatest pleasure is coasters of any type. Thats why I love TPR I get to ride till I'm black and blue. Can't wait for March 20 and 21. Time to ride again! My sister is flying in from England to ride with me, I trained her well! See you there...
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