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check out my "coaster models"!

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Goliath @ SFMM

Balder @ Liseberg

Xcelerator @ Knott's Berry Farm


These photo might look just like models, but they are actually real photos! You just blur the top and the bottom of any photo, and it will jook just like a model :shock:

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If you want to do an even better job, try to get rid of details.

Also, get rid of the background and try to place the "model" on a tabletop in your room or something.

You could also perfect your blurring, since it should be blurry at distant objects that are out of focus. They are at the top of the picture pretty often, but not always...

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Balder's obviously the best of the three; the car on the freeway looks like a plastic car from an old train set.


Goliath's one fault is the rail of Colossus in the foreground. If it were a model, you'd only need to move the camera up an inch or less (depending on the scale) to get a more convincing shot.


Xcelerator's clue is the focus gradient is too drastic. The cardboard tube effect is awesome, but my eyes were grabbed first by the way the blur just stops as your eye travels down the top hat.


Very impressive, nonetheless. How did you come across the idea?


Chris B

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...The cardboard tube effect is awesome...


Actually, thats no effect. the supports are really like that... which in turn adds to the belief it could be a model. Its crazy how easily our brains can be decieved.


I did think the pic of Balder was really a model.. But what I was really thinking when I saw that pic was "Nice MaxAir model!!"

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