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Hockeyman55 - Theme Park Pics Thru My Eyes

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Hello all,


So after some encouragement from BeemerBoy and Hilltopper39 I decided to start this thread dedicated to some of my Themepark photography that I have taken or will be taking in the future. Most of my photos will be in or around the Central Florida area since that is where I frequent the most but hopefully can add some from other places eventually.


I am by no means a professional photographer and don't take myself too serious when it comes to photography, just a hobby I started about a year and a half ago and figured I share with others. Feel free to comment, criticize or ask questions. This will be a mix of coasters, other rides,shows, resorts, restaurants and really anything else involving those. So hope you enjoy and on with the show.


One of the first chances I got to walk around the Magic Kingdom at night minus the wife and kids and took full advantage of it and got some great shots. Ariel's fountain in Fantasyland.


I believe this beast doesn't need an introduction lol. This shot I took this past October on a quick weekend trip for Halloween Horror Nights.


Kind of a happy accidental picture while riding Big Thunder 2 weeks ago. Decided to just snap away almost the whole ride and see how it went and tunred out pretty good. Being a quiet morning at the Magic Kingdom helped with an empty train.


What the Teacups would look like after a long night of drinking lol. Ill admit im a sucker for these long exposure shots, they make nice eye candy.


While waiting for the Main Street Electrical parade I decided to experiment a little with different lenses and like how this one turned out.

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Great pics! Really great pics! My only comment would be - remove the watermark. My eyes are instantly attracted to it, and it destroys an otherwise amazing photo.


I know you and others like to take "credit" for your photos, which I totally get, but over time, if you keep posting, and people learn your style, the photos will speak for themselves and people will know who took them just by the pics themselves.


For example, people can tell a "Hanno" photo and he's never watermarked his pictures (I don't believe.)

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This is particularly inspiring to me having just started really digging into photography as a hobby about three months ago. Great stuff!


Its really been a great hobby and with my love of theme parks the two come together perfectly. I really got into by accident and have taken off ever since.

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Nice pics! I especially like the thunder mountain one, that might even be desktop background worthy!




Thank you very much Dave. You can always download a larger version or different size off my Flickr page if you wanted to make one your background. Right now they are all watermarked but going to start a set with them not on later tonight when I get home.

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A couple more recent pictures I took at the Magic Kingdom 2 weeks ago.


Rivers of America


Love how they decorate the parks for the holidays. One of my favorite times of the year to go.


Welcome to Tomorrowland


Took a few different long exposure shots of the MSE parade while I waited for Wishes

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Yeah, the fisheye can be pretty fun...in moderation. ^ I'm not a huge fan of overdone HDR, but do you think that shot could have benefited from it by giving the clouds a bit more definition?



I really set out that morning with the goal of using the fisheye more than I have in the past since I didn't get many shots with it on my last few trips to Disney. I did end up with a mix of different shots to try and balance it out.


It probably would have come out better had I shot it as an HDR probably should have if I had some more time that morning. For the most part it was an overcast kind of day out and really not the best for shooting but still had to make the best of considering it was a super quick visits to the park that I squeezed into the day before some business meetings. I can mess around and see if I can get a decent HDR version out of this single pic later. Also looking back on it now it may be a little heavy on the warm side of the colors.

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