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Where Are You Planning To Go in 2013?

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Next year is looking like a significantly smaller year than the previous few since I won't be on a TPR trip, but I'm still planning a decent number of visits.




Knott's Berry Farm-several visits (season pass)

Six Flags Magic Mountain-several visits (season pass)

Disneyland Resort-One visit, possibly only to Disneyland

SeaWorld San Diego-Only if I plan a trip to visit Aquatica California

Belmont Park-Only if I visit SeaWorld San Diego

Adventure City-Mainly just to ride their new coaster

Universal Studios Hollywood-Unlikely, but possible


Likely Non-Local:


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

California's Great America


Possible Non-Local:


Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park (dependent on what discounts I can find)

Adventuredome (and other Las Vegas area coasters)

Lagoon (extremely unlikely)

Parks hosting bashes on Texas/MidWest (extremely unlikely)

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Must Visits (All of these are very likely)

Holiday World (first timer)

Cedar Point

Martin's Fantasy Island (so close to me, but I never tried out Silver Comet)



Kennywood (Free admission for Waldameer Employees as much as that place irritates me lately)



Six Flags St. Louis during the Holiday World Trip

Six Flags New England/Lake Compounce


And I will be returning to Waldameer as Assistant Rides Manager, so about 90+ visits there this season.

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I plan on taking a road trip right before summer starts (hopefully lines will be shorter). Going to hit mostly new parks and a few that I have been to already but have new coasters I have yet to ride.


Dorney Park




Waldameer (Option 1)

Cedar Point*

Kings Island

Holiday World (Option 2)


Im gonna be kinda pressed on the amount of time I can take off so I have to make a decision. Cant decide if I should skip Waldemeer and include Holiday World or vice versa. Open to all suggestions!

*Been to before but missing credits.

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Well, i always plan a little to much. So here goes:


Weekend Londen Trip: April/May

Thorpe Park



Adventure Island


Then the BIG USA plans:

Atlanta pre-roadtrip(20/07-27/07)


Ghost Town in the Sky(if reopend)


Beech Bend

Holiday World

Lake Winnie

SF over Georgia


Houston/San Antonio(27/07-29/07)

Galveston Pleasure Pier

Kemah Boardwalk

Then on the 29th drive to San Antonio to meet up with TPR!


Texas/Midwest TPR trip:(29/07-11/08)

SF Fiesta Texas

Seaworld San Antonio

SF over Texas

Magic Springs & Crystal Falls

Silver Dollar City

SF St. Louis

St. Louis City Museum

SF Great America

Cedar Point


Minneapolis/Chicago roadtrip:(11/08-15/08)

Nick. Universe


Mt. Olympus

Little Ammerika


Anybody wants to join me on some of these trip through the USA? contact me by PM...

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I would have loved to do the TX/Midwest trip but I don't have the money for that.


I am instead trying to do a trip that would consist of La Ronde, Funtown/Palace Playland, Canobie, TGE, SFNE, Quassy, Lake Compounce, and Hershey, but again I'm not sure if I'll have money for that either (it will be a good deal cheaper than the TX/Midwest trip though.)


If I don't have money for that, I will at the very least get to Hershey again next summer, and maybe I'll try the western half of PA (Del Grosso's, Lakemont, Idlewild, Kennywood and Waldameer) as I have never done any of those but Waldameer before.

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For Sure -

Cedar Point

Silver Dollar City (1st time)

Six Flags St. Louis (1st time)

Universal Studios Florida

Islands of Adventure

Sea World Orlando (1st time)

Busch Gardens Tampa (1st time)


Disney California Adventure

Six Flags Magic Mountain


Maybe -

Worlds of Fun (1st time)

Six Flags Fiesta Texas (1st time)

Sea World San Antonio (1st time)

WDW – Epcot

Universal Studios Hollywood

Knott's Berry Farm

Darien Lake (1st time)

Kings Island


Possible but not likely -

WDW – Magic Kingdom

WDW – Hollywood Studios

WDW – Animal Kingdom

Six Flags Over Texas (1st time)

Coney Island (1st time)

Six Flags New England (1st time)

Lake Compounce (1st time)

Canobie Lake (1st time)

Great Escape (1st time)




Waldameer Park

Sea World San Diego

California's Great America

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

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As of right now, 2013 isn't looking to be a big year for me. Everything is kind of up in the air at the moment.


Of course there will be the regulars (SFMM, Knott's, Disney, USH), hoping to get up to SFDK, CGA and SCCB next year to ride their new coasters (didn't get up there this year) and maybe out to Vegas at some point. Doing a long weekend to Lagoon isn't out of the question either.


There is still and outside chance that I'll be doing the TPR Mexico trip, but I won't know until at least January (if there is even space at the time).


If there are any Bashes on the Texas/MidWest Trip it's possible we could make one of those, but not sure.

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As of right now, I have 3 trips planned.



Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Kings Dominion



Lake Winne


Funspot (Pigeon Forge)

NASCAR SpeedPark (Sevierville)



Wild Adventures



Silver Dollar City (on the way out to the Pacific NW)

Wild Waves Theme Park

Enchanted Forest

Oaks Amusement Park



Along with season passes to BGT/SIWE, IOA/USF, and Disney.

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All the credits on the upcoming TPR MEXICO Tour, woo hoo!


And - a few new parks as well as a few new coasters to ride

in the upcoming TPR JAPAN Tour, yes!


Very excited about both. Can't remember more than that, lol.

Nothing local though, sad to say.

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The only definite is the opening weekend of Knoebels. Everything else is up in the air. Though I may cave and go to Sesame place just to get it out of the way (yes, being a sad and pathetic credit whore). And i'm sure I'll plan on a trip to the park on Long Island (is that Adventureland?)


Other than that, nothing definite, and that is really disappointing for me, because I usually have something new to look forward to and I don't for 2013.

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I might just do my local parks (SFMM, KBF, DLR, USH, SWSD) and probably a Northern California trip. Besides that Ohio and a little bit more of the MidWest is on my list. Might even do a Texas trip so hopefully, I'll be able to ride all 3 RMC coasters! Pretty big year for me.

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It will probably be the usuals for me - several trips to Hersheypark and Knoebels.


Some possible trips though - Cedar Point, Kings Island, Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Also, I may plan on a trip to Walt Disney World again, which would be fantastic.

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- Orlando in January. Probably just going to do the Disney parks, as this will just be a relaxing trip to get away from home for a few days.


- Dollywood multiple times.


- At some point going to finally do Lake Winnepesaukah.


- Texas in August.


Still a chance I could do the TPR Texas/Midwest trip. Just how to see how things go.

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Texas/Midwest is on the top of my list for next year. Also have Darien Lake and Martins Fantasy Island on the list as well as multiple visits to CW of course. Would like to make a trip out to Great Escape and La Ronde over a weekend if it can make it work.

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I am 100% getting my ass to cedar point next year. if I can swing it, i'd really like to get to kings island, especially if vortex's future is uncertain. I've sadly not made it to KI before (horribly embarrassing as a longtime Ohio resident).

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Silver Dollar City (on the way out to the Pacific NW)

Wild Waves Theme Park

Enchanted Forest

Oaks Amusement Park



What, no Silverwood?



No, not in 2013. I have family in Idaho, so I've been to Silverwood a couple of times in the last few years.

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