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IAAPA 2012 - Ask Ride Companies a Question!

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You utilize a box-track system for your roller coasters that dates far back to the days when you (Claude and Walter) where still employees at Intamin. Where you (Claude and Walter) the guys responsible for inventing the box-track system? Why do you still use this system when the rest of the industry has moved on and generally works with framed structures for their track? And what do you see as the main advantage with the boxtrack system? Thanks!

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Intamin AG-We all know Furius Baco, in the Spanish park PortAventura, is actually a good roller-coaster, but do you have plans to make it smoother, as it a bit rough at this time?

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Can we ask some question to water slide companies as well? If so:


Proslides: You have changed the rules for water slides with your uphill launches on water rides. Do you plan on adding any more rides with these features in the upcoming years, and are you planning any other changes to the general style of water slides?


It says "Ask Ride Companies A Question" so I guess that includes companies that don't necessarily make coasters.

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