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Reride Policy

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Hey guys, just wanted to kind of make a list for future reference for myself and others about theme parks' reride policy. This means that, after you ride, if there any any open seat in a train, the ride ops will allow you to ride again. I am going to keep a list of any parks that you guys give me.



Six Flags Great Adventure

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls

California's Great America(One re-ride)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


Disney's California Adventure

Cedar Point(varies)

Martin's Fantasy Island

Busch Gardens Tampa(with a limit of one re-ride)

Worlds of Fun

Conneaut Lake Park


Busch Gardens Williamsburg(Apollo's Chariot)

Hersheypark(only open rows)

Six Flags Magic Mountain


Knott's Berry Farm(only open rows)

La Ronde


Lakemont Park(Skyliner)

Walt Disney World

Six Flags Over Texas(Titan&Shockwave)

Heide Park

Hansa Park

Kings Island


Six Flags Over Georgia(Georgia Cyclone&Dahlonega Mine Train)

Seaworld Orlando

Disneyland Paris

Holiday World

Canada's Wonderland

Seaworld San Antonio

Kemah Boardwalk(3 rides)

Six Flags Fiesta Texas(Superman&RRE)

The Great Escape(The Comet)

Kings Dominion(Sometimes)

Kings Island



Dorney Park

King's Dominion(Sometimes)


Silver Dollar City


Indiana Beach


Rye Playland

Nickelodeon Universe

Frontier City


Universal Orlando


Cliffs Amusement Park

Beech Bend

Wild Adventures

Seaworld Orlando(Kraken)


Alton Towers

These are the ones that I already know. If you know any off of the top of your head please submit an entry, if not, take a ride out to your homepark and try it out, but make sure you ask the ride ops for permission. Thanks

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The cast members at Disneyland and California Adventure definitely allow you to re-ride! Obviously, the crowds are usually too heavy to allow such a possibility. However, over the summer, I went into the parks during Disney's Magic Hours which allows guests with passes an hour early entrance before General Admission. In California Adventure, while all the crowds migrated towards Radiator Springs Racers, I stayed back and went to The Tower of Terror. There was no line, whatsoever, and the cast member allowed me 3 rides without even removing my seatbelt, until the crowd started to pick up. After the rides, she was even kind enough to give us 2 passes for up to 6 people to go though the Fastpass line for any ride in the park, other than RSR!

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With Knotts, if you go when it's slow, you usually can re-ride all the time. If it's busy enough that it's hard to keep track of re-riders, and make sure that they are moving for people who are lined up for a particular row, they don't allow it. Basically, if it's enough people per train that it's chaotic with all the people looking for an empty seat, re-rides won't be offered. I don't work at knotts, so if anyone knows the exact policy, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. This is just what my experience has been.


As for other parks I know about:


Re-rides allowed




Not Allowed

-Nickelodeon Universe

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At Knott's, the operators will sometimes announce "If you wish to ride again please find any available seat." This usually occurs when there are not enough riders to fill the train. I've gotten re-rides on Pony Express, Sierra Sidewinder, Silver Bullet, and Xcelerator when visiting on an off-season weekday. If they do not make this announcement, then they generally will not allow re-rides.


As for other parks I've tried at, SFMM will generally allow re-rides if there are available seats. The Disney parks will allow them as well, sometimes even on rides with separate load and unload areas (I've gotten a re-ride on Matterhorn Bobsleds before). Legoland California does not allow re-rides, or at least they didn't when I tried. Universal Studios Hollywood doesn't appear to allow them, although I've never tried (only seen others do it). Holiday World didn't when I visited last year. Six Flags St. Louis did. Lake Compounce did on some rides, but not on all of them.


As a side note, every park I've had an ERT session at has permitted riders to just choose an empty seat except Dollywood, La Ronde, and Darien Lake (where you had to walk around).

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I believe most parks a "no re-ride policy...unless up to the ride-ops discretion" rule. I have been at many parks where on one day they will allow you to re-ride if there is no one in your row, and other days they will not. Quite a bit usually factors into this:


- How busy the park is

- How "nice" the ride-op crew feels like being at the moment

- If there are any supervisors around

- If it's getting towards the end of a night, and ride ops who have worked a very long shift just don't care anymore

- Etc, etc, etc....


The reason why they have a general "no re-ride policy" is that its an umbrella rule that gives the ride-ops the ability to kick you off the loading platform if they need to for whatever reason.


This means that if there is an empty seat, the rider doesn't have a "right" to be able to fill it, based on park policy, but if the ride-op crews are being nice, they will allow it.


To be honest, when a park is empty, not many people are riding a coaster, I more often see crews allow re-rides than not. Just be prepared for some ride-op crews not to let you re-ride, and they have a right to tell you "no."



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The other thing is what manufacturers recommend. Sometimes it is actually in the manufacturers SOP to not allow re-rides, just to err on the side of caution when it comes to getting sick/possible injuries.

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One of the perks of having a Platinum Pass for the Busch parks here in Florida is getting re-rides on Kraken, JTA, Montu, Kumba, Gwazi, and SheiKra. ...Though, I usually go on days where I don't even need to show my pass to get another ride in before having to go back through the queue again. Also, when visiting BGW I usually go to Alpengeist first thing and get some re-rides in before the GP gets there.

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An update on CGA, as of this season, it's been heavily enforced that only 1 re-ride is allowed before having to go back around. However this seems to happen at the ride op's discretion. Some will allow the re-ride, some will just tell us to go around even when the station is empty (happened on the splash boats, we obeyed and left). Last Sunday however, we could have snagged a 3rd ride on Demon if we wanted since they appeared to be allowing it.


But yea, CGA has a 2-ride marathon limit to 'let your body rest.' Part of me wonders what happened/who complained to ruin the fun for the rest of us. Those who did Coasting for Kids were let down by the lack of marathon/ERT, most likely due to this policy.


Over the past several seasons, it all really depended on the crowds, alignment of the planets, and ride ops running the ride. I've gotten as much as 12 back-to-back rides on Drop Tower on a weekday visit at the end of the day as we were all too lazy to run to the next ride during the last half hour. I've also done 4 back-to-back rides on Flight Deck and only had to leave if someone got in line for our row...but the ops were gracious enough to let us just surrender the row and snag an empty one...yet another great way to end the day!

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Cedar Point varies. Most of the time it is no, but there are some rare exceptions-


Morning Raptor ERT with no line - sometimes, but not always

MF if the line isn't past the handicap access gate (IDK if this usually happens during general hours or just ERT), and Dragster extremely rarely, maybe during ERT? These are not staying on, but rather walking around a very short distance, I believe.

A slow day once got me 4 rides in a row on Corkscrew (Yes, I know that seems crazy) and 2 in a row on Iron Dragon - without getting off. Corkscrew was only running one train (white to be specific).


However, on most rides, you will get a response along the lines of "sorry, you need to go back around", etc. Blue Streak is an example - even with no line, they will force you to go around. Same with Wicked Twister.

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Six Flags Over Georgia allows it on Dahlonega Mine Train and Georgia Cyclone. I was able to marathon the mine train 10 times in a row before I left the park, and I rerode Cyclone twice on two separate trips. I don't know about the other rides, though.

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Also, KD is another park that depends on the ride ops. I managed to score a second ride on Rebel Yell last June. The previous year, I do not think I got any re-rides on anything. I just assumed the policy was lifted. Since RY was the only ride with an empty station, I do not know if this now applies to all rides.


At Carowinds, they were allowing pretty much as many rides as possible as long as you could still find an empty seat. Thanks to the best-worst crowd control, I managed to set in seven rides while there was a line to the bottom of the stairs. Since the crowd control ops were letting fewer people in the station than there were seats on the train, empty rows were up for grabs every time the train arrived in the station.


At Busch Gardens, they allow a maximum of one re-ride. This means you can ride a maximum of two times before leaving the station. Usually, this was not really that annoying of a policy, as most people are lucky enough to even get one re-ride. However, it did get a bit irritating when I was trying to get in as many Alpie rides in the last 10 minutes as possible, as I kept bolting around the entrance again to get in line, and they seemed to have no problem with that.


Dorney Park, on my visit, had a strictly NO re-ride policy. Even on Steel Force. They were running three trains, each one usually getting sent out with less than ten, and they still were not allowing re-rides. I noticed this on every ride in the park.


It seems that some parks are a bit more strict on their policies than others.

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The following parks allowed re-rides if crowds were low and no one waiting for your seat: Heide-Park and SFMM.


At Hansa-Park if there are no new riders waiting they ask over speakers if everyone wants to ride again and if response is positive they don't even open the restraints so they don't have to check them again - if there are only a few new riders you can even jump to a free seat after gate closing and before restraint check.


Parks the didn't allow re-rides even if crowds are low: Särkeniemi and Knotts.


On all other parks I visited crowds were too heavy to even try re-rides.

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Magic Springs and Crystal Falls allows re-rides. I can not tell you how many times I have sat in the same seat on X-Coaster and gone around and around and around. The Gauntlet (as much as you don't want to ride more than once) they will allow you to re-ride as long as no one is waiting for your seat/row. Many times the ride ops have encouraged rerides at these attractions. Arkansas twister same way. If no one is waiting, don't get up.


Walt Disney World has allowed me a re-ride on TOT. It was our 100th ride on the tower and they escorted us to an elevator, and plopped us out in the little boarding area where you pick a number to stand on. They then sent the ride with just the 4 of us. We got a "Magical Moment" certificate and free on-ride photos. But that was not a common experience.


I've had VIP rerides at certain parks. Cedar Point being one of them.


Also allowed re-rides on Titan at SFOT.


Silver Dollar City never allowed re-rides when I was visiting though.

Kennywood, Busch Gardens (both) Universal Orlando, SFOG, and Frontier City never allowed re-rides even if there was no one waiting for your row.


Hope this helps your list a little. But like Robb said it is all depending on the ride op, and how busy the park is.


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One of the reasons (that I hear anyway) is to give your body a chance to relax, especially if it's an intense ride (which makes me further think, did someone whine that they got a headache/felt sick after riding the coaster repeatedly?). That's what 3 or 4 different ride ops told me when I asked why it was brought down to 1 re-ride.

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