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Reride Policy

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Six Flags Great America seems to have a pretty lax re-ride policy. I have gotten up to 7 re-rides in a row on Raging Bull, and the ops are always in a good mood, which I'm sure helps. Many re-rides on Batman too. It seems from my experience, as long as you aren't holding the train up and you don't steal someone's seat, then they will let you re-ride no questions asked.


This is what makes Great America so great, especially if you are a single rider!

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Darien Lake used to let you reride the Viper if there was an empty row, or if your row had nobody waiting. Now, the rules are stricter, and you cannot reride at all. (Unless you sneak on) The only reason why they won't let you go on again is because they want everyone to go through the turnstyle.

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When you are a single rider, some parks may even let you get away with empty seat nabbing. It is not always allowed, but it can be pulled off no matter how high the crowds are. On rides that lack single rider lines, you can get a seat next to some random person, and you may be allowed to re-ride. Although, it is necessary to be completely sure the seat you are taking is empty, and this almost never works at parks that wait a few seconds to open the air gates. (When they do so, that is probably because this is not allowed)


It is not always allowed, but it is always worth a try.

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Kemah Boardwalk has a three-ride maximum for Boardwalk Bullet. Didn't stop me from marathoning it, though!


At SeaWorld San Antonio, I know there is a two-ride limit for Quick Queue on Great White, as that's what I was using (when there were no lines). However I'm not sure if that's to keep Quick Queue use "fair" or if it applies to all riders.


IME, Wild Waves lets you stay in empty rows on Timberhawk.


I usually only marathon during ERT, so I'm mostly aware of the most famous and infamous examples already posted by others. I will say that I do appreciate and prefer generous re-ride policies, but don't generally mind walking around.

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Similar to what Robb said, I think it depends more on the ops themselves, not the park or ride. I have been denied in some of your DO parks, while I have been allowed in some of your DON'T parks. Also, there are many times I have been both allowed and denied on the same ride, during separate occasions, but under the same circumstances.

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Dorney Park, on my visit, had a strictly NO re-ride policy. Even on Steel Force. They were running three trains, each one usually getting sent out with less than ten, and they still were not allowing re-rides. I noticed this on every ride in the park.


In all of my trips to Dorney (I usually go around 12 - 15 times a season) I have only been allowed a re-ride on one coaster on 1 trip and 1 flat ride on another trip. I stopped asking after I found out that it wasn't allowed but the one time at the coaster the ride op was letting others re-ride (the station was empty) so I also went to an empty seat. It can be annoying but since the park almost always has no lines, I figure I'd rather not be allowed to re-ride and know I will likely never have more than a 5 minute wait for anything when I go to the park than know I can get re-rides but have to wait in longer lines on other days.


Dorney always seems stricter than other parks, even with other policies like the monorail in Planet Snoopy, they have a rule of no one over 54" can ride without a kid when at other CF parks, the exact same ride doesn't have that rule. At first I thought it was maybe because there was a problem with the line being too long but most of the time I walk by the ride and they are sending out empty cars.

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There are a circumstances why a park like Waldameer and probably Indiana Beach would have a no re-ride policy. Because of the wristband/card scanning system, particularly the cards, we must ask guests to walk back around to the station for a re-ride. Yes, we can tell which riders have unlimited wristbands, but it can be confusing making sure that anyone who used a card re-scans when the scanner is not literally on the platform. Therefore, to eliminate people sneaking back on for re-rides for free, and having the argument if they paid again or not, we ask all riders to walk back around. It is not that far of a walk, and it will not ruin your night. If anyone's visit is ruined by a no immediate re-ride policy, they need to grow up. If we were a gated park where everyone had unlimited admission, we would be happy to allow re-rides.


Also with re-rides, as a supervisor, I put myself in a bad position. The last ride of the night on Ravine Flyer II had about 1/3 of the station gates full. I was up on the platform getting ready for shutdown, and a few guests asked for re-rides. I was feeling kind, and seeing that they all had wristbands, I allowed them to fill in empty seats, next thing I knew word was out, and there were 7 or 8 people yelling at me because others got to re-ride and they didn't. Therefore, out of fairness, the second to last ride may not re-ride in empty seats for the last ride because we can't fit everyone. Consistency is one of the main practices I preach.


I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, as I love re-rides myself, but I'm trying to give a supervisor/operator's point of view.

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Are there any attractions which are "designed" to make re-rides easier? I feel like I have seen ones with a pass through that can be opened from the exit to the normal queue but I can't think of any specifics.


Some of the rides at Disneyland Paris.


A few years ago, I went in February, when they were having "Magie Ilimitée", which was basically "ride once and reride as much as you want". They had a shortcut from the unloading side to the loading side on RNR, or a walkway to the stairs back to the station on Space Mountain and something similar on Indy...

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Re-rides allowed




Not Allowed

-Nickelodeon Universe


I think it's pretty iffy with Valleyfair. Some rides like Excalibur and Wild Thing letting you, while others like Thunder Canyon and Mad Mouse usually don't.


This probably depends on how loading is set up, making sure they don't have to send empty trains out to get you your ride.


EDIT: Holiday World does.

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Are there any attractions which are "designed" to make re-rides easier? I feel like I have seen ones with a pass through that can be opened from the exit to the normal queue but I can't think of any specifics.


I know the GP tend to make rides be meant to access in a quicker way, as much as I shake my head at them...typically at CGA, many riders, especially the younger set tend to come running out the exit darting through crowds and hop across the grass to cut back in line. It is funny however when they get caught and even funnier when they are forced to leave/go around.


I'm trying to think of the one ride that was shown at IAAPA last year that can do a 'second launch' if crowds are light rather than coming to a stop in the station, but is only programmed to allow 1 additional lap...drawing a blank, can't think of the name.

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I've had pretty mixed experiences on rides, even in the same park, during normal operating hours:



Superman Krypton Coaster - been allowed to fill empty seats

Road Runner Express - been allowed to fill empty seats

Poltergeist - no rerides



Kumba and Montu - sat on these without getting up for 3 or 4 cycles



Manta - no rerides

Kraken - empty row you can stay on



Apocalypse - it was running 2 trains and we were the only ones on our train, they let us sit on it as long as we wanted while the other train was full from the preshow every time


Wild Adventures

Cheetah - pretty sure we had to walk around even with no line


Holiday World

Voyage - they let us stay on just the last train of the night as they had to run one more cycle to clear out the remaining guests in the station


Beech Bend

Kentucky Rumbler - had to walk around even with no line



Kingda Ka - they let me reride the last train of the night



New Mexico Rattler - had to walk around



Thunderhead - strict no reride policy



Boardwalk Bullet - 3 rides then you have to walk around



Steel Eel - rerides ok

Great White - rerides ok



Shockwave - been allowed to reride



My conclusion: It is generally up to the ride op unless they have a specific policy (Dollywood, Kemah, etc)

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Are there any attractions which are "designed" to make re-rides easier? I feel like I have seen ones with a pass through that can be opened from the exit to the normal queue but I can't think of any specifics.


Duelling Dragons at IOA still has the handy Baby Swap Exit which you can use if its quiet to sneak round for another go and you can then pretty much get back on the same train if no one is queueing for a row, Dont think the staff mind too much either, a member of staff saw me do it once, but didnt really care what I was doing.


So Most British Parks let you stay on rides for re-rides, The only park that is fairly strict is Alton Towers, but they let you stay on a certain amount of rides like the Mine Train,Log Ride,Rapids but only if its really quiet obviously,Thorpe Park have gotten slighty more strict over the past few years, but if its really dead, the staff generally dont care and will still let you stay on most rides, Chessington are very good on most of their rides. Paultons Park let you stay on any ride if there is no queue, and Advenure Island at Southend pretty much let you stay on any ride if there's no queue too

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My friends went on Runaway Mine Train at SFGAdv this past May on a Friday afternoon and were allowed a few rerides in a row without having to get out of the train. I guess it was because the crowds were pretty light that day. I remember riding Runaway Mine 2 years ago and was also allowed a few rerides. Then again I remember the crowds being pretty light that day and having really nice ride ops.

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Adding additional confirmation to Dollywood's policy, I specifically asked on either Thunderhead or Tennessee Tornado (probably the latter, as it takes FOREVER to walk back to the entrance for rerides thanks to the insanely long line layout) and they said it was policy that riders had to re-enter, even if there was no one in line. And the lines that day a month ago were nonexistent all day so it was a little frustrating to have to go back around just to walk right on. But policies shall be policies, I say!


Still got 3 straight rides on Thunderhead though because I jogged pretty fast back through the line and the op held the train for a couple of minutes before each dispatch to see if anyone else was coming through the line to board though, hah. I love the off season

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