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  1. The Predator at Darien Lake Everyone says that it is too rough, but it isn't that bad anymore after all of the work they did on it.
  2. Worst Line- Any coaster that assigns seats or makes you wait for an operator to let you in the station. Longest Line- Ride of Steel Darien Lake (Half of the swichbacks were full) Slowest Line- (2 Way Tie) Mind Eraser and Ride of Steel Darien Lake (Both should have been a 20 minute wait at the most, but the op on the Mind Eraser took about 5 minutes after every cycle to talk to his friend. On RoS, a lot of big people who couldn't fit kept trying to ride. Both coasters were running one train)
  3. Darien Lake used to let you reride the Viper if there was an empty row, or if your row had nobody waiting. Now, the rules are stricter, and you cannot reride at all. (Unless you sneak on) The only reason why they won't let you go on again is because they want everyone to go through the turnstyle.
  4. Random Lady: (Looking at Shipwreck Falls) Do you get wet on this ride? Me in my head: Well let's think. The ride makes a huge wave, falls into an artificial lake, and everyone on it is soaking wet. I think you will get wet.
  5. The Viper only has one rough section, the batwing. Compared to other Arrow loopers, it feels like a B&M coaster.
  6. Darien could just redesign Fright Fest to be targeted towards older people.
  7. The park is not what it is said to be. They could have done a better job with the idea. The Raging Seas is already gone and a lot of the boats are used in the "Carnivile".
  8. Fright Fest. More like Faliure Fest. Half the park is closed. All of the coasters are running one train. The frights arent even open yet. Not even the bumper cars.
  9. RoS will be replaced when it is needed. The ride still has about another 20 years left if the park decides to keep it that long.
  10. ^No, Shipwreck Falls is not unreliable. It was closed because of a lift part that needed to be fixed. When RoS's chain snapped, everyone didn't start to go nuts and scream that it would be replaced. Shipwreck Falls has around 5-10 years left.
  11. ^Why? It is a ride that everyone loves and is fairly new compared to the older flats. Also, whywouldn't they just remove Thunder Rapids. It takes up more space and doesn't serve its purpose.
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