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NEWS: Cowabunga Bay coming to Las Vegas!

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Love to see the construction pictures. How do you get that over view picture?


Taking a closer look at the picture, the place looks huge!


Yes, this place is huge. I have been used to my little 3 acre park in Utah...this location is 23 acres. I break a sweat just walking around the job site. But, it is really exciting to watch it come together. It will get really exciting when fiberglass begins to show up. Here are a few more construction shots.


No we are not building an Intamin Rapids Ride but it looks as if it could be. The river will be 20 feet wide and around 1,500 feet long.


Framing the roof (or floor) of the wave pool caissons.


Plumbing begins on the splash down pool of the tube slide complex.


I love these great surf cars that will be used as themeing around the park.


Where do Cedar Fair trash cans go when they die? Cowabunga Bay of course. When Soak City SD sold to Sea World we got a great deal on all the trash cans. A little elbow grease and some fancy graphics and they look good (or even better) as new.


24" pipe that returns water from the shallow end of the wave pool back to the wave chambers. That's some MAJOR pipe laid.

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Here's what has been going on at the construction site over the past week. With the majority of the underground work being completed the project has started to go vertical. Not yet on slides, as they majority of the containers holding the slides are just arriving at the Los Angeles port of authority, but on the administration, food and restroom buildings. The parking lot is also starting to take shape as well as the wave pool and lazy river. Only two months to go....lot's to be done and in a short amount of time. Here's the photo update:


Hooray for my new office!


Raise the roof! or at least the walls. The ticket windows can be seen in the forefront before being raised into place.


More lazy river goodness


parking lot is starting to take shape. Over 800 cars.


Work is moving along nicely on "Bullwinkle's Boardwalk Grille"...have you tried the Rocky Mtn Turkey Club?!?!?


32,000 sq. ft. wave pool.


...and then there was light.


Look at all those toilets. The main restroom/changing rooms, lockers and retail building walls will begin vertical construction this week.



ready for some slides?

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Wow, I missed the update on the last page when you put it up, looks like there's a fair bit going on and a lot of stuff to come together, I can't wait to see it happening


How many people do you have project planning and sorting the logistics so that it's all ready for opening day?

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The park was supposed to open this summer, and then the big play structure for next season, 2014.


Now they have decided that it will be better to delay the whole park, and open evrtything at the same time, so this won't open until spring 2014.

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^Totally understand that. I don't think people realize the insane paperwork, inspections, hoops to jump through for the permitting process, then throw in the fact that this is in Vegas which we all know still has some of it's famous roots, well...yeah!


This will be a very different and very cool waterpark, can't wait to see it when it's truly complete.

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I think this will also help the park differentiate itself from Wet'N'Wild. Instead of having to fight for the same guests on their opening summer, now Cowabunga Bay will have the "new hotness" spotlight to itself next summer!

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It's a bummer for sure, but glad that they park isn't being rushed. It will be great when this place opens in May next year for a full opening season. I know Wet n Wild is getting the attention right now, but talking to people at work who live in Henderson like me, most have no interest in going over to that side of town and are looking forward to having one right here in Henderson.

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Ouch! That was a difficult and disappointing decision to make. I appreciate the comments and understanding. (not everyone is so nice…cough*facebook*cough)


Our team, constructions crews and everyone involved with this project has worked so hard to try and meet our opening deadline and I truly appreciate everyone for trying. Unfortunately, some things are out of our control and it became apparent that to have opened the park this season would have meant opening at a level I was not comfortable presenting to our guests.


I am very proud of the park and experience we created in Utah and this park was to be an extension of that. First impressions and guest experience are important to me which is why we decided to postpone the park until Spring of 2014.


With this new timeline we will be able to complete our park with all attractions, a well-trained and friendly staff and most impotently a park I will be proud to bare the “Cowabunga Bay” name!


I will continue to post updates and construction pictures as the park progress.





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Like everyone said, you just need to take your time in getting everything together. No need to rush perfection! Can't wait to hear more about the opening ceremony, and especially glad to hear you're bringing many Polin products into the US.

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Thanks for the update Shane. I thinks it's the right decision. It's much better to open with a complete and quality product than to have to rush things to open this season. Looking forward to 2014!

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