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NEWS: Cowabunga Bay coming to Las Vegas!

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Shane, that's freaking awesome! I actually plan on making it up to Cowabunga Bay in Salt Lake City sometime next year and I'm really excited for it. Now, I'm super excited that you are building another one! HOLY CRAP! Hey, if you ever want to build one in Tucson (because our longest water slide is at a hotel) keep me posted and the engineering firm I work for can totally hook you up for some cheap plans for land development. Hell, I'll do all the work for free as long as we can get an amazing water park down here.


Jimmy "Congrats Shane!" Bo

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Below is a little snippet from the Polin newsletter that mentions our new park and the existing slides coming to Vegas.




Dear All,


We wanted to send a short note to thank you for visiting our booth at the WWA convention. It was so wonderful to meet you in person. We truly appreciate your interest.


We also wanted to share some exciting announcements from the show, in case you didn't hear about them:


1) A New Waterpark in Las Vegas Featuring a Thrilling, First-of-Its-Kind Ride From Polin! We are so excited to be part of the development and the waterpark supplier of this new 22-acre park. Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas will open next May in Henderson, Nev., with easy access at I-95 and Galleria Drive. It will be a fantastic place to take the family with a wide variety of family-focused attractions. Plus what is most exciting is the new ride we are creating for the park. The details of the new attraction are to be announced. We can only tell you that it will be unique and thrilling and again themed. But we won't keep you in the dark for long, because you can get details at...


2) The IAAPA Debut of Our Newest Waterpark Attraction! If you are coming to IAAPA next month, then please make sure to visit our booth, #2257, for the unveiling of the new ride and learn all the details! It will set awe-inspiring new standards for heart-pounding waterpark excitement!

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Not to hijack the question that Elissa posed to Shane, but, in my opinion Polin is a company that has been needed in the waterpark industry. They are innovative, and a refreshing change from the predominant, long-lasting players like Proslide and Whitewater that, once again in my opinion, have had some trouble with innovation over the past 4-5 years. In the limited interaction I have had with those with Polin at various tradeshows and the like, they seem to be easy to work with, and are really an exciting group.

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When it comes to the primary play structure, are we looking at an exact clone of the original play structure from White Water West in addition to the Polin attraction, or are you guys going to take the throne from Hawaiian Falls and Mount Olympus and add some crazy slides too?

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I am so pleased to see such interest in our Las Vegas project. Needless to say I am “over the moon” thrilled about the park. Our park in Draper has been a HUGE success and I like to credit much of that success on they way it is ran. As a huge theme park fan I am well away or “guest experience” and every day that I open the park I run it as if I were the guest. We will take that same concept and apply it to our Las Vegas project but on a much bigger scale. We will be making an official announcement soon so I can’t give away all the details but I will try to answer some of your questions in a vague kind of way.


First of all we have been well aware of the Wet’n’Wild project for years. As a matter of fact, before Wet’n’Wild came on board we met with the Bulloch brothers and discussed a partnership. At they time I was interested in developing our smaller park concept so we passed on partnering. Also, I was not comfortable with the location.


Fast forward a couple of years. I am still very interested in the Vegas market when approached by a group of developers that are working on the Henderson project. The location is dynamite, the developers are a perfect fit (family park guys rather than corporate) and we are more than ready to develop a second Cowabunga Bay. Everything seemed to fit.


I am a HUGE fan of White Water West and love everything that they do, but because we came into the project a little late in the game the original partners had already been working with Polin. I had seen them at many trade shows and knew of them but very unfamiliar with their product. To make sure we were making the right decision I travelled to Turkey and toured their factory, inspected their manufacturing process and then traveled to several of their installations and rode and rode and rode. After becoming very water logged I was convinced that they were a quality company with a great product. They were looking for a major US install and they are a group of great guys that are innovative and approach “ride experience” in the same way that I do so they seemed to be a perfect fit. And yes, they are providing us with a “one of a kind, first in the world” water slide attraction!


The play structure is a big part of what Cowabunga Bay is...and the one in Vegas will be the same. It will not be a duplicate as it will be manufactured by a different company. But you can expect that it will be different for the better...and yes, the splash will be HUGE!


I am currently finalizing all the themeing of the park, which will set us apart from the other guys Expect to see some awesome stuff!!! Also, since we own the food rights to the Jay Ward characters you can expect to see Rocky and Bullwinkle incorporated into the park.


I’ve said too much.

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Shane, what are your thoughts on ProSlide? I find that their rides are extremely visually appealing, but for some reason, many parks go with White Water West. Can you shed some light onto this?


I think these two companies are equally spread out throughout the world and are equally great. I worked with Proslide quite a bit when I was with Paramount Parks and think they make an excellent product. The concept of Cowabunga Bay came to me when I visited Hersheypark with my kids, and rather than riding coasters we spent the entire day on the play structure. At the time they were the pretty much the only game in town when it came to play structures so this allowed me the opportunity to get up close and personal with White Water. They make an excellent product and I love everything that they do!


I think it comes down to this: Proslide seems a little more innovative to me where as White Water lets other develop a concept and then they buy them or license the idea.

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One question I had...


Have you been working with Polin on trying making sure that the attractions do not develop issues like those they encountered with max the weight loads of King Cobra? They prevented the ride from being run with two person rafts on either side, which cut the capacity in half. I'd hate to see potential problems like that impact the park.

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One question I had...


Have you been working with Polin on trying making sure that the attractions do not develop issues like those they encountered with max the weight loads of King Cobra? They prevented the ride from being run with two person rafts on either side, which cut the capacity in half. I'd hate to see potential problems like that impact the park.


Of course I looked into the King Cobra situation and there are always two sides to every story...but from what I understand, Polin delivered their slides on time and to ASTM standards. The delays may have been due to permits and foundations not being ready. As far as the single tubes verss double tubes, again that may be a Six Flags corporate blanket (one rule applied to many different situations) policy.


I rode the King Cobra many times both in a single tube and double tube and found the double tube to be a much better, yet more intense. I think we all know that when things get a little “too intense" Six Flags has a way of “neutering” attractions at the expense of capacity.

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The whole concept behind the Cowabunga Bay parks is amazing and I expect the Vegas edition to be better than the original. I've really been impressed with the technology that has been introduced in water park side of the amusement industry in recent years and your parks seems to really take the best of what is out there and utilize it perfectly!


Shane, here's a question that you may not be able to answer in full but do you have plans to open more parks across the country or is it just a one park at a time project at this point? I think your parks seem like the type of property that could really "work" in a lot of markets across America, even places with a major theme/water park nearby. Regardless, best of luck with this project and any future projects you have in the works.



Need a director of operations?

I'll arm wrestle ya for it!

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Polin has released some new information about their Surf Safari slide, debuting at Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas later next year!




Surf Safari® is a revolutionary, new, high-capacity waterslide from Polin. This exciting new attraction features a daring 40-degree sloped entrance and a unique, parabolic design, that creates an illusion that adds to the adrenalin filled experience. As a result, thrill-seekers young and old alike will experience in totally new riding experience never before seen in a family-styled waterslide.


Surf Safari®’s exhilarating trip results from its stream-lined, parabolic bowl-shaped design which speeds four-person rafts through twists and turns, as the unexpected changes in momentum that will send hearts pounding before riders splash into pool or run-out exits. The unique slide path gives riders a longer voyage compared to other slides with similar offerings.


Surf Safari® can be themed to match any park’s theme concept and is available with Polin’s exclusive Magic Shine finish through closed molded fiberglass production technology. Magic Shine gives slides a glossy smooth appearance that enhances their esthetic appeal for both riders and spectators alike.


Polin will be showcasing the model of the product at IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando at its booth numbered 2257. Please make sure to stop by for more information.


Surf Safari®’s primary features:


  • High capacity (four-person rafts)
  • Unique geometrical shape
  • Stream-lined design
  • Slider returns to its point of origin.
  • Waterfall feature (optional)
  • Longer ride path
  • Parabolic form
  • Magic Shine finish ( RTM production)
  • Pool or run-out exits
  • Themed possibilities
  • Half-open, half-closed and fully closed tunnel versions.
  • Conveyor available (optional)




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