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TPR's Roller Coaster Trivia App Available on iTunes!

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Now that I feel like I can talk about it (Didn't want to post about it before you guys officially announce it). I've really been enjoying it, great for when waiting in painfully slow lines at the amusement park. Actually, I had a group of us huddled around my iPhone trying to pick the correct answers, fun stuff! Excellent replay value, now to see if I can top my score!


When I get all 250 photo questions down, I'll treat myself to the additional question pack...I don't mind showing some love for this app!

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I downloaded it during class. Played for about 6 rounds, I rather not say what my score was. It's addictive and fun. I do believe I learned something as well. I only seen one repeat question so far. I will go rate it 5 stars on itunes very soon.

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You guys would get a lot more downloads if it was on Android as well!

I would rather have fewer downloads than support Android. I really do not want this thread to become posts about Android phones. We're not supporting it. There. Done. No more discussion is needed, so any further posts regarding Android will be deleted, and the poster will get a 24 hour ban from TPR.


This thread is about our Roller Coaster Trivia App, and those people who have downloaded and played it.


Please post if you've downloaded it!


Thank you!




What about windows phone? That's what I have and want to download it!

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An idea for a future update; different difficulties?

That way you could cater to a (slightly) larger demographic & not have people repeatedly stumped on some of the trickier questions.


Just a thought.

We also had thought about this. Basically my response as follows...


What's the point of a "trivia" game that's too easy? We give you the answers anyway when you're wrong (at least all but the last one), and there's only a limited number of free questions. If we made it so easy that you could play through the game and get all the questions right, what's the point?


I feel there is a good balance of easy to hard questions as it is and we're giving away quite a bit of the product for free already.


--Robb "Thanks for your feedback, though." Alvey

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I have android so I can't buy it; but I do have the iTouch, so I'll have to get this app! This is great for TPR and coaster fans. Before I knew any forums to go to, I'd just try to Google and iTunes search coasters; not many results came up back then, but obiously technology has gotten better. I'm sure this will help coaster fans learn more about this fun hobby/passion and make TPR even bigger! Can it get any bigger?!

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