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TPR's Roller Coaster Trivia App Available on iTunes!

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Theme Park Review is happy to announce our first iOS app!


Roller Coaster Trivia!


Download from iTunes by clicking this link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id544402890

or search "Roller Coaster Trivia" or "Theme Park Review" in the App Store!


Roller Coaster Trivia! Test your knowledge of roller coasters from all over the world!


***** "This is a perfectly crafted and incredibly fun roller coaster trivia app."


***** "If your a coaster nerd, this is a must. This will be keeping me busy when waiting in long lines."


Two game modes are featured:

- Photo Trivia: You are presented with a picture, a question, and four possible answers. The quicker you answer correctly, the more points are awarded!

- General Trivia: You are presented with a question and four possible answers. Answer quickly for more points!


Bonus points, combos, and survival points can be awarded at the end of each round.


Game Features:

* 250 Photo Trivia Questions (FREE!)

* 250 General Trivia Questions (FREE!)

* GameCenter Support

* Share your high scores on Twitter

* Option to purchase more photo & general trivia questions

* Questions written by "roller coaster experts" from Theme Park Review



Roller Coaster Trivia features 500 free questions, but there is more! For just 99 cents each, you can purchase 250 more photo trivia and 250 more general trivia. Please support the app and purchase the additional question packs!



At the end of each game, click the Twitter icon to tweet us your scores! If your score is high enough, we'll Re-Tweet you!



We can use as many "five star ratings" and nice comments as possible. So please help us out and write a great review!



This is only the first of many updates that will be made available for the trivia game. We will continue to add more questions, more photos, more additional question packs, etc. We'll also continue to work on the game (there are a few known bugs like the repeat questions that come up), and a few other minor issues that we will be addressing soon!


We hope you enjoy this trivia game! The more support we get from you, the more we will support the app with new questions, add-on packs, and more! We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing some of your scores!


--Robb Alvey







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you guys need to make a coaster tracker app

Why? Aren't there already coaster tracker apps out there? We don't even have a coaster tracker on the website!!! It really makes no sense for us to do something that's not even part of our core product.


Thanks for your feedback, though.



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You guys would get a lot more downloads if it was on Android as well!

I would rather have fewer downloads than support Android. I really do not want this thread to become posts about Android phones. We're not supporting it. There. Done. No more discussion is needed, so any further posts regarding Android will be deleted, and the poster will get a 24 hour ban from TPR.


This thread is about our Roller Coaster Trivia App, and those people who have downloaded and played it.


Please post if you've downloaded it!


Thank you!



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This looks like an entertaining game. I don't have an iPhone, but I'm guessing it will work fine on my iTouch. If so, I'll download it tonight and perhaps play with it tomorrow at Disneyland.

It should work on any iOS device with iOS 5.

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Good luck beating my high score everyone.

Can I disqualify you for being obnoxious about it?


I think I will. You're disqualified from winning anything.

I wasn't trying to be obnoxious.... I had a lot of fun with the app, my comment wasn't intended to be obnoxious. I just edited the post, I'm sorry if it sounded rude.

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