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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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  • 2 weeks later...

Had my new Disney attractions book (written by Jason Surrell) waiting for me, when I returned home from the TPR Japan 2007 Tour....


Oooo goody goody!!!


Covering all the Disney parks' mountains, from the Matterhorn to Expedition: Everest, and everything in between, including some not immediately thought of, like Blizzard Beach for example.




(p.s. The second line under the main title says "Imagineering at its Peak")


Sweet, What a nice welcome home gift - even though I paid for it already, heh heh - from the TPR Japan tour.

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^ I would love to get a copy of that book! Where did you get it?


Anyway, today I get to visit the chiropractor. "Get to?" you ask? I feel so much better when I leave there after a little bone cracking. And she was able to get me in this morning---only two hours after calling!



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^ Amazon.com Really good price on it too. Around $15 US I believe w/added shipping. It's listed under $20, but I know I paid less than that a Amazon.


The Disney Mountains by Jason Surell

~ Imagineering at It's Peak ~


Publisher: Disney mainly, but you'll easily find it with the above information.


Enjoy your copy! And they go into some stuff about the eventual aborted Western River Expedition, too!

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Second Post!


My original intenet to say here, before being asked about the book (see above) was...


I finally have my two fave parks in the world, for now.


Disneyland Paris


and of course, the recently visited


Tokyo Disney Sea


It cannot get any better than this. But y'know what? My life lately has worked in 3's and variations of... so maybe there's a third park "around the corner" (maybe Hong Kong later on, hmmm?).


Ya never know. But, for the meantime...


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^ Thank you for the info. I'll have to pay Amazon.com a visit sometime soon. I have purchased books from them and have been satisfied.


Speaking of Disney parks, my goal is to eventually visit all five resorts. I've been to the two in the U.S. and may visit Japan next year or after. In fact, I just picked up passport applications for Diana and myself.



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I think I'll be getting my first job offer from this company next week. I'm guessing that because they're willing to give me time to relearn Java (haven't used it since 1997) and Unix. Since I'm a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (that molests amusement park statues in his spare time ) they want to bridge my knowledge with their current systems. Also my old VP works there and several employees that knew me and they must want me there. So I wouldn't mind working there.


Of course my biggest challenge to date is the interview Monday. This is a 3 hour interview with a 1.1 billon dollar global computer corporation. They contacted me after I sent my resume in, which is a victory in itself. The simple phone interview was actually a oral technical exam which caught me off guard, but evidently I knew my stuff; they called me 30 minutes later to schedule a face to face interview! The phone inteview was supposed to last 30 minutes but ended up being close to an hour! They raked me over the coals!


So if I get that job I will be jumping for joy! Both jobs look interesting (in addition the other position has 16 days of vacation the first year then 30 the 2nd and flex time) and both have offices in several countries. So either way I'm looking at a better opportunity and a SUBSTANTIAL increase in pay! Oh the first one didn't have a problem with me taking 3 weeks off next year for the TPR Europe trip so it was an added bonus! Finally my hard work is starting to pay off!


Wish me luck!


Terry "Trying to move into the big leagues from raunchy little companies" Weaver

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