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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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I just got a second job. Its only for a few months, it's a halloween store that's coming here just through October. The cool thing is my aunt was the first one to talk to the lady doing it, and now it's pretty much the family store. We didn't even need to apply. And I'll be able to make more money now. The library where I work now is stupid, so it's nice to not only work there.


People working there:










Other's who are friends of my aunt.


Found out about this two days ago, starting tomorrow.



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Just when I was about to write in the rant thread about how I left my USB cord that allows me to transfer my pictures onto my laptop at home (I just moved into my house at school), I thought of one last place to look, and sure enough, it was there. Now I can do a TR about my trip today. Plus, I'm eating pineapple.... straight out of the can. That's how we roll in Nap-town.

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I got to meet one of my friends from MySpace when she was out from Texas. We spent the afternoon at SFMM and did a lot of talking.


Per her request, we went to In-N-Out Burger before we went (they don't have those in Texas, y'know).



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Going to "the park that closes down when it drizzles" in a few hours, 'till tomorrow, and Wednesday as well. Forecast looks better tomorrow than today, but hopefully it'll deter the usual Saturday crowds somewhat.


Also... today was the last day of soccer playoffs. (We came in 3rd overall.) We play 25-minute halves, and our game ran from 6 to 7:20. Normally I play defense (and it has to be left, 'cause I'm the only left-footer on the team).


So I'm currently on the sidelines talking to a teammate with 10 minutes to go.


Teammate: "Y'know, I haven't gotten a goal in a tournament yet this year."


Me: "Yeah? Well, I haven't gotten a goal yet at ALL this year."


Teammate: "About due for one now, aren't you?"


10 seconds to go. I'm on left forward right now... for some reason... and the same teammate tries putting it in, and slams into the goalie. The ball trickles maybe an inch above the goal line, and heads for the post.


*Well, the posts are kinda screwy... I'll go for it.*


So, I end up putting in my first goal of the season, within literally the very last second of it.

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^I still prefer Publix, the reason why I'm working at Sweetbay is because that's the only place that's hiring that does not have a "waiting list" or just not hiring at the moment (unless its temporary).


Oh well, at least its better bagging at a supermarket than working at Panera.

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