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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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^Happy birthday man! Watch how much ya drink and at the same time, yet another post in the Beer thread .


As for my slice of happiness pie, I say right now life is simple. I'm bored, but big things are on the horizon. I have a youth gathering, the Midwest trip, and college just ahead within the next two months.


Kick back in simplicity.

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A few things:


1. Did a bunch of online shopping for things I needed for the midwest trip. Bought a few things that were 40%-75% off the list price.


2. My video camcorder wasn't really broken after all. The old battery was bad and the outlet I had plugged it into was bad. I put in a better replacement battery and plugged it into a different outlet and the battery charged. A $400 purchased saved!


3. Last week someone I met last year and thought was cute came up to me and told me he had a crush on me. We've been on three dates and have another one tomorrow.


4. I put on another 10lbs of muscle. I stopped by the office to pick up one of my supplements I forgot and a UPS driver stopped on the street and had his head out of the door staring at me walking across the empty parking lot! Did you see something ya like?



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