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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Cirque de Soleil is bring another tour to Vancouver late June next year!


It's called Varekai - and I got me and my David, two tix to see it, a week after I get back from the TPR UK Tour!



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My older brother called me a little while ago and said he's just leaving Santa Clarita. Him and his family will be up here tomorrow morning to spend Christmas with the family. The rest of my siblings will be arriving the middle of next week. This will be the first Christmas everyone is home in quite a few years.

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I'm going to Sandusky tomorrow for the CP employee Christmas party. Though I don't work at CP anymore, your fellow employees are almost like family. You spend up to 15 hours a day with them, 6 days a week. You really become close to a lot of people. It's going to be a blast. Kind of sad to since I'm not sure if I'll see many of these people again.

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^Awww.... I miss those days.


If you see Bob Wozniak, tell him Captain Wally says hi!!! Oh, and Karah Yearage and Steve Vorhess.



EDIT: And Brian Edwards and.... I'll stop.


EDIT #2: Take pictures of Louies and do a PTR. I want to see if that place has changed at all. Do they still have Busch and Red Dog on tap???

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Awww yeah!... I just got 2 Millenieum Force models in the mail but was only charged for one. Hell yeah bitches!!!


Well, since your posted photo showed you starting to eat the first model... maybe you need a backup one, hmm?


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OMG :shock: It can't be true. :shock: No, I'm really thrilled! :shock:


Listening to one of The Diva's newest offerings, from


Confessions on a dance floor


and WHAM! There it was. Or what she said in Track 3 - "Sorry"...


'Talk is cheap.'


My fave expression. Now immortalized in CD format by MyDonna, YourDonna, MaDonna.


She can still Go, Girl!

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Newest Happy Post!


Am watching Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion on our CBC television station.


A special first-run episode from the BBC!




I thought that was pretty good when they showed it over here.


I'm happy because I have £100 more in my bank than I thought I did!

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We FINALLY got our side of the neighborhood street cleaned!


Was filled with leaf crap and mud something-er-other icky, awful, junk.


Perfect timing, with no freezing temps. to 'hold up' the clean up, lol.


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