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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Genuine Happy Dance Post!!!


Just found out about the gay cowboy 'song,' newly recorded by Willie Nelson, and and that it was orginally recorded by Pansy Division!!! Was orig.written in '81 and from there....?


omg omg omg



So kool that sounds.

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Yay, had a nice Friday evening again!

in other words: Went to the cinema, swam a bit, sweated in sauna, watched 'the Brit Fridays three comedy's: Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please, Little Britain, Bottom (well they can be quite crap at times, but usually they're ok). Right after it's time for Conan O' Brien, and then back to the computer for a while. (including eating old 'Romantica', lol. ice cream/ frozen redcurrants and 'meatpie'- (well actually it's a small pastry, but it's translated to meatpie in English), on the commercial breaks).

Also, tomorrow is the first day of a 9 day long holiday.

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And NOW that I've re-found this thread - may I humbly REQUEST A STICKY this be made, please? I mean, we've had a Rant Sticky as long as I can remember, since re-finding you guys - but no opposite of...? Pour quoi? MY Happiness Pie here almost became Rant Root Soup, 'cause I couldn't find the dang thread, mmm'k?


I mean, we all must have some good stuff in our life we'd like to share, hmm? Along with all the crap and stuff we rant and rightly bitch about, nice & regularly I might add, lol?


Rants are always, usually easy. Raves are sometimes harder to throw. But wonderful to receive.


Just a suggest .


~ ~ ~


Now - after all the ranting I did about our local "park," Playland (see other thread), I immediately retreated to Yonder Kitchen, procured a thick sliced chunk of cold, good old-fashioned meat loaf, schmeared (yes you heard that right, kids) some A-1 Steak Sauce on one side -


And ate it.




Happiness Pie. C'est complete.


(EDIT: Good eatin' pays the price = bad spelling...tsk, tsk.)

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^Music education.


It's one of those nice annoying New York State things... once you get your initial certification, you get five years to complete a master's program AND have three years of teaching experience in order to get professional certification. ANNOYING!

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"The Happiness Pie Thread as a STICKEY now!!!" (Nrthwnd)


I did that last night. It just made sense that if The Rant Thread was one, so should The Happiness Pie Thread. Yin and yang, I say.


As for random, well...my pizza at lunchtime today was sliced funny.



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^ Actually the funny shaped and sliced pizza was happiness because it gave me a good laugh. Not exactly round, then sliced triangular and rectangular-ish.


But, Topper's Pizza (a local chain) is always good no matter how you slice it!



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I just put in another set of minutes on the exercise bike. Level 4, Ride In Park program.


I think I'm feeling great about the 'workout'....


I feel like crap, lol.


Must be a good sign.


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