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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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So I went to a psychic today because I'm doing my psychology report on Psychics so I wanted to go see one in the area and get a reading some and get some info.


Probably the most interesting part was one of my past lifes. I told the wife that I've been through the Newark, NJ area at night and both times I've gone through there I felt really uncomfortable and I didn't want to stay any longer and I want to get out. And she just like stared at me and said Hindenburg, and got goosebumps. She said she had like a vision of me either being in the Hindenburg when it crashed or watched it crash in a past life. She said that people who tend to feel uncomfortable in areas are probably because in a previous life, something bad happend to them there.


A lot of the stuff the psychic said was true about myself and I was very intrigued. And when I talked with the wife, she told me a lot about life after death and such.

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I have a phone interview for an intership today. I am really nervous about it. So, I have been acting all sorts of weird, and have been running arround like a chicken with its head cut off. But you are all my peeps, so i too the time to give you all a holla!!!!


Rob "F%CK!!!" D

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