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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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The chick who sits next to me in scinece class and i started talking about rollercoasters after she saw my sfmm tickets in my wallet. WHen we started talking about Knotts she goes, "OMG boomerang SUUUCKS, it hurts like hell and you bang your head alot..."


i thought it was really funny.

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Got a very funny email from my girlfriend.



Subject: FW: Transfer Cancun airport to/from the Maya Beach Hotel

Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 15:35:13 -0700

From: "Gershan, Sarah"

To: "Kucharski Scott"




If you want a good laugh, read the email our hotel sent us!




"Hola buenos dias



Your confirmation number is # 1269


In your arrival date one our Vacation Representatives will be waiting for you at the airport, he most be holding a sing with your last name on it, as soon as he conatct you he most provide your private transportation to the resort ( he most be dressed up like blue pans and yellow shirt )


In your way back to the airport our representative at the hotel wiill be in touch with you she most give you some information about our property and also she will reconfirm your flight back home, moreover, she will let you know your pick up time from the hotel.


Whether you need more information please let me know.




End of email-


Awesome... I'll be looking for the singing guy with pans!

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