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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I'm trying to explain to my 13 year old daughter that if she's proudly proclaimed to be an athiest for years, it make no sense for her to all of a sudden become a satanist. If you don't believe there's a God, how can you believe there's a Satan?


It's going to be a long winter.


God! can my son stay 4 forever?

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this is the 2597 poast in this thered


poast??? :shock: LMAO


^ 200th post in this thread? Not 200th post in this forum? :?




Well technicaly that was my 200th post and it WAS in this thread! So it can be true from a certain point of view hehehe!!


But you are right Soren my friend! Ya caught me red handed with my pants down!! Not such a pretty site I am sure!! .................But anyways yay!!!! my 200th post in TPR!!!........but well now 201th post!!

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